While the rest of the office is shut down for the US holiday, your friend and pal Stybs is here anchoring the boat or manning the fort—any sort of convoluted working alone analogy of your choice works here.

Eternal Masters was revealed in full Friday, and stacked with a (still going until 11:59 PM Eastern tonight) 5% Kickback weekend it meant there was plenty of purchasing power put on display.

While last week was dominated by booster boxes and packs, here's what sold well after every card coming back was unleashed.

#1: Thalia's Lieutenant

If you're looking at Eternal Masters, seeing Thalia's Lieutenant is a little unexpected. Human decks have been pushing on Standard again, and Petr Sochurek's take on Bant Humans shows off the power of Thalia's Lieutenant in the right deck:


#2: Rishadan Port

It didn't take long for Eternal Masters to make its weekend mark though. Rishadan Port is a popular tempo card in Legacy, denying main phase mana for opponents of decks packing Delver of Secrets or Nimble Mongoose (or, you know, both) as well as sitting pretty in the Lands deck. It's a critical card to own for building Legacy decks both online and in paper, and without it in Eternal Masters its value can presumably only go up.


#3: Eldrazi Displacer

Bant Company was another dominant deck over the weekend, and like its place in the Modern Bant Eldrazi deck that stormed Modern Weekend, Eldrazi Displayer works hard to make the most of killing opponents' tokens or bouncing Reflector Mage for fun and profit.


#4: Thought-Knot Seer

The Eldrazi continue to show strength in both Modern and Standard. This Mono-White Eldrazi deck picked up a Grand Prix Trial win in Manchester, and other control and ramp decks dip into cards like Thought-Know Seer to outmuscle opponents and Demolish their hands.


#5: Duskwatch Recruiter

If you're new to Magic or Standard, Duskwatch Recruiter is one of the most powerful card drawing engines for creature-based decks. It's so good it hasn't been off our Top 25 sellers list since the Pro Tour. It's good.

#6: Foreboding Ruins

Foreboding Ruins is one of the new dual lands from Shadows over Innistrad. While it might not be as sexy as its fetch land compatible companions from Battle for Zendikar, Foreboding Ruins is certainly good enough to help drive powerful three-color decks. Jonas Friberg made it to the semifinals of Grand Prix Manchester with a fun Grixis Control deck packed with value.


#7: Reality Smasher

Reality Smasher is a sideboard option for some Bant Company decks, and it's an excellent finisher for Bant Eldrazi in Modern. Sound familiar?

#8: Goldnight Castigator

Goldnight Castiagor getting its day in the sun is due to the way Tomoharu Saito, former Pro Tour Hall of Fame candidate that got banned one too many times, can display decks beautifully online. His tweet from Grand Prix Minneapolis puts almost any computerized visual to shame:

12-3, with brand new Saito deck!
I like beautiful design 4/9 angel*\(^o^)/*#GPMinneapolis pic.twitter.com/xggBCp9gH6

— TomoharuSaito/トモハル (@TomoharuSaito) May 29, 2016

It's also a pretty powerful deck in its own right:


#9: Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker made a splash in Legacy Lands at the Magic Online Championship, but it's also a powerful Standard card that sees play in sideboards, some ramp decks and emerging control strategies. Lukas Blohan shared his take on Sultai Control at Grand Prix Manchester, and Tireless Tracker was one of the many ways the deck could generate value.


#10: Fevered Visions

Beyond giving LSV nightmares and having a quick pop early in the Standard season with Blue-Red Goggles decks, Fevered Visions hasn't yet found its place in the metagame. While it's an undeniably powerful card, find the right uses for it is tough.

SaffronOlive proposed one (of the several) ways that showed up late last week, adding Fevered Visions to Olivia, Mobilized for War and finding a fun deck that can move fast against an unsuspecting opponent. (The other major place it appeared was Saito's Blue-Red Flyers deck from above. Don't say I never liked sharing fun new decks.)


Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Sylvan Scrying is awesome because of Modern and Tron. Gitaxian Probe is played all of Legacy too. Prized Amalgam is unearthing in Dredge decks. Containment Priest is another piece of Legacy tech that didn't make its way into Eternal Masters.

Join us Friday for when we get to see more on how the world unpacks Eternal Masters and a weekend of White-Green Tokens taking Standard's top spots. See you then!