Another weekend, another Shadows over Innistrad Standard event featuring new tech and Seth Manfield absolutely killing it.

Congrats to World Champion @SethManfield, now four-time Grand Prix champion at #GPNY!

— (@MTGatTCGplayer) May 8, 2016

So how did players react to all the Standard news fit to print? These are the Top 10 cards sold over the weekend.

#1: The Great Aurora

Sam Black is a master class deck designer. With a mix of methodical testing and metagame prowess, he finds new ways to crack open old ideas. At Grand Prix New York, he did just that with a sweet take on The Great Aurora.


While Warp World effects are always powerful, it's setting them up to be effective that's the trick. Dumping lands onto the battlefield, and making that the core value engine off Sylvan Advocate and Tireless Tracker, mean Sam blasted through the Swiss rounds and narrowly fell outside the Top 8.

#2 Sin Prodder

Sin Prodder is a divisive card, with advocates on both sides arguing how playable it really is. This weekend the card jumped up the selling standings thanks to decks like Mardu Midrange rocking around the edges of Standard after Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad.


Different builds use Sin Prodder in different positions, but surprising an opponent without much main deck removal means even the "opponent's choice" drawback is mitigated: Draw extra cards is almost always a good thing in a game of Magic.

#3: Skill Borrower

Skill Borrower is a build-around-me card that's tempted brewers throughout its time in Standard. Now fighting for room in a tight Modern field, some players think it's time for the card to make a breakout.

If previous history serves me right, someone in the comments will nail the silver bullet of exatly where this card popped up last week. I know I took a look and found a lack of sweet Skill Borrower brews in action!

#4: Duskwatch Recruiter

What else can be said about Duskwatch Recruiter at this point? It's a value engine powering up several Standard decks. For an uncommon it's uncommonly good. (Yes, I heard your groan from here.)

#5: Prized Amalgam

Prized Amalgam continues to move up the cards moved list, thanks to the fun and excitement of playing sweet decks in Modern:


Prized Amalgam gets out of the graveyard easily off Vengevine doing its Dredge thing, loading the battlefield with the power you need to win. Also, every time a Dredge player wins a puppy cries but that's never stopped Dredge players before.

#6: Cryptolith Rite

Seth Manfield unleashed the new-and-improved Collected Compnay deck at Grand Prix Toronto, mixing the Cryptolith Rite tech of Black-Green Sacrifice with the powerful Reflector Mage Four-Color Company shell. The result was a Top 32 finish for the World Champion:


At Grand Prix New York, the deck was out in spades and made a strong showing by going to the finals (Where Seth defeated it soundly!) and getting different angles of upgrade and tech added to it. Four-Color didn't die when Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged left Standard: It just gets to play Reality Smasher now too.

#7: Needle Spires

Anyone playing Mardu Midrange will be playing some number of Needle Spires in the deck. With Sin Prodder jumping up as well it's clear there's something going on with where Standard is headed next.

#8: Nahiri, the Harbinger

Nahiri, the Harbinger is being discussed as a potential Modern standout. Hitting the Top 10 charts last Friday she's hung on to continue selling well through a weekend that hardly saw hard. Just like Sin Prodder and Needle Spires, Nahiri, the Harbinger has Standard applications too, but it's the potential of being in the next great Modern deck that has her moving out the door fast.

#9: Eldrazi Displacer

Eldrazi Displacer is Standard tech and a keystone in any white-based Standard Eldrazi brew. Killing tokens, applying the value of Reflector Mage, or just saving something from a single target removal spell gives Reflector Mage enough game for Adam Yurchick to write an entire article of brews and combos.

#10: Devastating Summons

As a commenter pointed out Friday, Devastating Summons "is very narrow, but I saw it (and currently run it as a one-of) in Reckless Zoo. [It c]an blow out some decks out of nowhere if they have no answers, you just float at least two mana, make 2 3/3s or 4/4s or something, then surge Reckless Bushwhacker and pump the tokens and swing out."

Now I know!

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Brain in a Jar finally fell off the Top 10 (though not by much) along with Westvale Abbey, Geier Reach Bandit and other budget brew staples.

With another weekend of Standard in the books the deckbuilders and metagame tuners will be hard at work to find the next angle to work. Check in this Friday when we look to see what players picked up. See you then!