Another weekend, another victory lap for Collected Company and White Weenie decks. With Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad looming this weekend, all eyes will be on the showdown in Spain to show us the way in Standard.

Of course, last weekend's results are still at work driving what decks players will pick up next. With plenty of overlap from last week's sales recap, it's the new faces that you should look for below. These are the top ten card sold over the weekend.

#1: Fevered Visions

Everybody worried about Collected Company and White Weenie decks wants to see control step up to the plate. Riffing on the recent Blue-Red Control deck (see Pyromancer's Goggles, et al.), Fevered Visions helped drive the success of it again over the weekend. When your deck is made to maximize discarding cards for value, drawing an extra every turn is pretty good.

#2: Declaration in Stone

Standard's best removal spell continues to climb in value. If you don't have your copies of Declaration in Stone yet you should. It's just that good.

#3: Bygone Bishop

While Bygone Bishop isn't in every Humans build you see, those that have it want it to help combat the anti-Human tech decks are trying out. Creating Clue tokens to cash in later is more than enough for a decidedly not Human creature to play along. Always Watching still works to pump it up!

#4: Duskwatch Recruiter

Collected Company decks continue to show dominance, taking an unusually large number of the top spots over the weekend. Duskwatch Recruiter continues to be one of the new reasons the decks are just that consistent.

#5: Thing in the Ice

Thing in the Ice continues to be the go-to utility bounce-meets-finisher for Blue-Red Control decks. If control continues to improve expect Thing in the Ice to be right there with it.

#6: Thalia's Lieutenant

Thalia's Lieutenant is one of the powerhouse cards of the Humans decks. As long as that's the de facto aggro decks, expect Thalia's Lieutenant to remain a sought-after card.

#7: Altered Ego

Altered Ego is an interesting enigma. It didn't make a particular splash in Standard or Modern over the weekend. There isn't a dominant control strategy, so an uncounterable Clone isn't in high demand for sideboard. The only reasonable explanation is that Commander players (like me) finally got off their duffs to order a few copies (I still need to).

If there's a secret Altered Ego deck getting ready to show up at the Pro Tour consider this your first sign. The rest of us will remain skeptical.

#8: Always Watching

Humans decks of various stripes did well over the weekend, but Mono-White Humans took the biggest prize. Always Watching is one of the powerful ways these decks pressure opponents, upsizing an entire army while keeping them on defense as well. If you're playing Humans you're playing this too.

#9: Drownyard Temple

Riding the coattails of Blue-Red Control's fun (see Fevered Dreams), Drownyard Temple can jump onto the battlefield after being discarded. While control is currently the avenue for its play, as long as there's a deck looking to pitch cards for value Drownyard Temple will continue to have a home.

#10: Anguished Unmaking

Anguished Unmaking isn't Declaration in Stone. But it's close, and just like Declaration in Stone it exiles troublesome creatures—and other select annoyances—forever. While the dual color costs keeps this in the shadow of the mono-colored top selling card, Anguished Unmaking will keep nudging players towards the potential of White-Black Midrange and Esper Control.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Lightning Axe and Hanweir Militia Captain fell to just outside the top ten, but continue to be carried by powerful decks doing well. Knight of the White Orchid is a Human that can fetch a land and has first strike: It's a trifecta of utility for the aggressive white Humans decks.

Eldrazi Displacer jumped up the rankings, picking up some interesting angles in Standard as a way to recycle the ever annoying Reflector Mage (itself one of the better selling cards from last week). But the most curious card rounding out the sales outside of the top ten was Lumbering Falls.

While I'd love to put my "There's a great blue-green deck we don't know yet!" conspiracy tin foil hat on, Lumbering Falls most likely appeared as a result of Bant Company—the de facto best build of Collected Company decks—doing so well again.

I want to believe though. I want to believe. Join us again Friday when we look at the top cards sold leading up to Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad!