Shadows over Innistrad is out now, and the first weekend of tournaments have their results. While last week's Banned and Restricted list update led to an incredible day of sales for Modern, today's update is for the Standard crowd.

You sure do like Shadows over Innistrad cards.

These are the top ten cards sold from Friday, April 8 through Sunday, April 10, 2016.

#1: Tireless Tracker

What did Collected Company decks need to get even better? How about an engine that adds card draws along the way? Tireless Tracker appeared in plenty of decks as players explored just how good the new investigate mechanic is in constructed, but it was a Collected Company deck taking down the biggest Standard event of the weekend that underscored the collective answer.

Yes, it's that good.

Another card that Collected Company decks pulled up was Duskwatch Recruiter.

#7: Duskwatch Recruiter

In a creature-heavy deck, which Collected Company decks invariably will be, Duskwatch Recruiter can accelerate like few other cards. Digging for the next threat and transforming into making it cheaper to play is a strong one-two built into the card, both sides of which complement what Collected Company decks want.

#2: Thalia's Lieutenant

Another strong contender from the weekend was a return to Innistrad's tribal roots with Humans. Thalia's Lieutenant is exactly what a Humans tribal deck wants, either coming down early to grow into a massive threat or joining the party late to push Humans over like a Glorious Anthem.

Tribal decks are fast and fun, and it showed in sales numbers as many other cards from the deck ranked into the top ten as well.

#4: Declaration in Stone

A powerful answer to many of Standard's threats, giving powered-up Human decks an efficient way to deal with annoying threats.

#8: Always Watching

Like many other historical tribal decks, Human tribal in Shadows over Innistrad Standard isn't driven by tokens but actual Human creature cards. While Always Watching isn't a strict Glorious Anthem, it's better than the original in a deck that eschews tokens.

#10: Hanweir Militia Captain

Hanweir Militia Captain is a two-drop that transforms into a fatty for free when your army includes at least three other creatures. With tribal decks like Humans cranking out the creatures this isn't an unreasonable feat to accomplish. Once transformed it becomes a Scion of the Wild that adds another Human to the battlefield at the beginning of your end step.

That's good too for a Human tribal deck.

#3: Drownyard Temple

Drownyard Temple coming in at third is the herald of another new decks making an appearance over the weekend. Blue/red control sounds strange in the abstract, but thanks to the return of the madness mechanic and Drownyard Temple there are engines aplenty for the deck.

Using Magmatic Insight and Tormenting Voice to draw cards, as well as Lightning Axe as an answer to threats, means discarding things. Fiery Temper is an obvious fit but Drownyard Temple is a dreamy card to pitch as well since you get to bring it back too. Control decks want to hit land drops, and this gives them what they want twice over.

#5: Thing in the Ice

When you're casting a flurry of card drawing and removal spells, transforming Thing in the Ice looks easy. While it's a little tougher than that, the threat of creating a two mana 7/8 is enough to force opponents to act or get eaten.

#6: Fall of the Titans

Blue/red control also pulled two cards outside of Shadows over Innistrad onto the list. The first was Oath of the Gatewatch's Fall of the Titans. With a deck built to generate mana inevitability as well as cast multiple spells on the cheap each turn, the surge upside of Fall of the Titans becomes easy to hit. Annihilating opponents and their battlefield for the cost of a humble Blaze feels great.

#9: Pyromancer's Goggles

The other older cards pulled into the rankings was the Magic Origins card players have been building around for some time: Pyromancer's Goggles. While it isn't efficient in any sense of the word if you want a mana rock to ramp with, what Pyromancer's Goggles does for cards like Tormenting Voice and Fall of the Titans is absurd. Copying draw engines, forking removal spells, or duplicating a devastating blast to end the game is worth putting on the Goggles.

Your opponent won't have any such protection from the heat.

The Best of the Rest

Outside the top ten were some expected faces. Anguished Unmaking proved itself as reliable and useful as expected. Port Town and Game Trail led the way as the new staple dual lands in Shadows over Innistrad. Traverse the Ulvenwald let decks playing the longer game set up a one mana tutor for a creature (or land).

Even Topplegeist made an appearance not far down the full list. Efficient creatures and delirium tools are proving their mettle and another week of analysis should continue to shake things up. When new formats hit it's aggro that rises fast. More control decks will be sure to follow, as we'll see when as sales numbers don't lie: Shadows over Innistrad Standard is just getting started.