#10: Bone Picker

If I hadn't been so preoccupied with how good this card is I may have tried to make 50 bad jokes about its name. Luckily for me and everyone else, Bone Picker slots into Standard well, trading with Heart of Kiran and dodging the front half of Fatal Push. Sure, it dies to Shock, but who cares? No one plays Shock anyway.

#9: Drake Haven

So many good players have this card on their radars that I'm willing to admit I may have been wrong in my original evaluation — that Drake Haven would fight, and ultimately lose out, to Dynavolt Tower in a head-to-head build-around competition. Both cards are perhaps more versatile than I'm giving them credit for, and can either complement control decks or spark their own archetypes. Amonkhet isn't a very high-powered set, relatively speaking, but Drake Haven's a card to keep an eye on.

#8: Approach of the Second Sun

People like alternate win conditions, but yeah. This card is not good. AND it doesn't work with Fork.

#7: Prepare // Fight

Prepare // Fight is going to be an absolute blowout in Limited, but I'm unsure why people are buying copies. It does not seem playable anywhere.

#6: Insult // Injury

Insult // Injury is much better that Prepare // Fight, but then again I'm a sucker for a Lunge, and this one has another spell attached to it. The only thing really keeping this card from crossing the threshold from "mediocre" to "show-stopper" is the fact that both halves are sorceries.

#5: Commit // Memory

Memory is a traditionally powerful effect, and Commit is in interesting effect that hasn't been really seen in Standard. Four mana is a ton of mana, but Memory is a good enough payoff and Commit is a unique enough effect that it could justify a spot or two in some of the Torrential Gearhulk control decks that seem destined to prowl tier-two deck status in Standard.

#4: Plague Belcher

Zombie stuff! People like zombie stuff. And this card actually seems to have some merit outside of the Zombie Magic Card That Is New space. I wouldn't be surprised if Monday's ban announcement shook Standard up in a way that made Plague Belcher pretty good.

#3: Glorybringer

Life comes at you fast. The kind of midrange decks cards like Stormbreath Dragon and Thunderbreak Regent once flourished in now suddenly... do not exist anymore! Standard's too fast and too full of linear decks for stuff like Glorybringer to be very good. It's a fine card as it stands, but there's no clear home for it now (unless you're still trying to make R/G energy midrange work, in which case, GL).

#2: Noose Constrictor

Standard will have Roar of the Wurm, Arrogant Wurm, and Wild Mongrel — all with upgrades — and the package won't be playable. Deece

— jon corpora (@feb31st) April 10, 2017

That tweet is missing Aquamoeba and Fiery Temper, but the point still stands. Sorry if that's a bummer, but how a thing makes you feel will never make it false.

#1: Shadow of the Grave

This card's ceiling is incredibly high, especially when weighed against the rest of the cards in Amonkhet. Right now I'm seeing Shadow of the Grave as a two-of that will shine especially bright in control mirrors as a cheap way to get a ton of cards in your hand, as well as a way to potentially rebuy stuff like Fiery Temper in a hypothetical black-red madness deck.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora