What do you play next after the Pro Tour? It's been a busy week of analysis and sales. Adam Yurchick found the technology to move forward. Seth Manfield was busy building up the underplayed Spirits deck. Conley Woods planned to bend your mind.

But what really gets played depends on what's being sold. Here are the top sellers from this week of Magic.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Cryptbreaker is still the lynchpin of great Zombie decks. Voldaren Pariah is still a value machine. Selfless Spirit finally dropped out of the Top 10. Kozilek's Return couldn't keep on top a full week.

#10: Gather the Pack

Gather the Pack is a gem from Magic Origins that finally broke out at the Pro Tour. It turns out digging for a good creature while filling up the graveyard is more than a neat trick for delirium decks.


#9: Sigarda's Aid

What can Sigarda's Aid do? It's a neat way to wait until the last minute for Auras and Equipment to enter the battlefield, and turns expensive equipment into incredible value. What's making it sell so well? Commander's array of amazing Auras and Equipment is one reason, but the likelihood of even more cool Equipment in Kaladesh is more tempting.

The speculation is strong with this one.

#8: Bedlam Reveler

Another card hit with the "it has to be good" stick, Bedlam Reveler is pushing its way into Standard after getting a long, hard, speculative look in Modern. From the Pro Tour, this is where it stands: The sideboard.


#7: Traverse the Ulvenwald

Traverse the Ulvenwald was one of the most played cards at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon. Delirium decks, green-playing Control decks, and even some ramp decks all broke out the sweet sorcery. Just take a look for yourself.


#6: Gnarlwood Dryad

One of the key features of the Temur Emerge deck was how it fought the early game. Gnarlwood Dryad was both a 1/1 with deathtouch—trading for big things every early—but turned into a 3/3 as the delirium side of the deck turned on. Defend early and beat down late isn't too shabby.

#5: Grapple with the Past

Grapple with the Past is another way delirium decks get value while finding tools they need. The chain of green graveyard tutors that turn delirium on should tip you off to what players are really excited to pick up for FNM tonight.

#4: Thermo-Alchemist

Burn in Standard? It's more likely than you think, thanks to the hard work of some Magic Online players. This went 5-0 in a Standard League, and you're welcome if lighting opponents on fire is your thing.


#3: Incendiary Flow

See above. Neat.

#2: Summary Dismissal

How do you fight Eldrazi like Emrakul? Summary Dismissal is still one of the sideboard ways to avoid having a turn ripped from you. Stopping Emrakul and the turn theft is one of the few ways to take the thunder out of Temur Emerge and other Emrakul, the Promised End decks.

Fortunately it's not like Bant Company decks are playing it.


#1: Collective Defiance

Collective Defiance is a burn spell, a removal spell, and the option to do both while cycling your hand into something new. It's also good enough for a Pro Tour Top 8:


Join us Monday when a weekend of Standard and Modern action kick off the next wave of sales. See you then!