We've got a kickback going on this weekend (starting today!), so it'll be interesting to see if that data shakes up any of our best-sellers. Today, though, we've got a whole week's worth of sales to sink our teeth into. Let's get it.

Honorable Mentions

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Inspiring Vantage, and Smuggler's Copter all have some experience in or around the Top 10. The most surprising steady seller is Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, but one of the cool things about Frontier is it gives a different, more casual set of player an opportunity to play with a dynamic, fun card, like Jace. Thirty dollars apiece is far more palatable than dropping $80, and shouldn't everyone get to play with Jace, Vryn's Prodigy once in their lives? Card's great.

The more curious addition to the mix is Animation Module. Kaladesh is a complex place. On its face, Animation Module looks fiddly and low-impact. It's got a bunch of text and nothing it yields — one more counter on something, a Servo — really feels relevant to the outcome of a game of Constructed. Limited games get totally warped around cards like Animation Module, but it's unclear to me how this card works in a 60-card deck. I do love it when cards that look like pure Limited standouts make waves in Constructed, so I'll be keeping an eye on Animation Module.

#10: Blooming Marsh

This following boilerplate paragraph will probably apply to this column till the end of time. I'm glad I wrote it.

Here's what makes dual-lands good: basic lands create only one color of mana. That means the baseline value of a land is that it makes one mana of one color. Any time a land is able to cheat on this principle, its value is higher than the value of a basic land. This is why lands like these generally have some sort of qualifier, or drawback, built in. Sometimes the drawbacks are too great, like with Lotus Vale or Cinder Marsh, for them to have more value than a basic land. However, the drawback on the Kaladesh rare dual-land cycle is barely a drawback, yielding value way past the value of a basic land. That is why Blooming Marsh is a Good Wizard Square.

#9: Saheeli Rai

One of the big reasons behind Kaladesh Limited's relatively long shelf life is that a lot of the mythics don't just end the games by themselves. Sure, Gearhulks are a problem, but besides those and the odd Saheeli's Artistry, there aren't really any rares or mythics that win games on the spot. Even the Planeswalkers are eminently beatable.

Saheeli Rai might not even be good in Limited, but it can break control mirrors wide open, yielding a cheap, hard-to-answer threat that creates incremental advantage. Over multiple turns, that advantage can be insurmountable.

#8: Dig Through Time

Of all the Frontier cards that have been popping up in this column, the one with the most far-reaching uses (and the most broken one by far) is Dig Through Time. It was perfect for its Standard environment, but was demonstrably broken, earning bans in Modern and Legacy. Most blue Commander decks at least want to run Dig Through Time, and Frontier gives it another chance to shine.

#7: Harnessed Lightning

If nothing else, Harnessed Lightning serves as a good reason to play any energy card at all. If energy ended up flopping (unlikely thanks to nonsense like Aetherworks Marvel), you could still point to Harnessed Lightning in that "we'll always have Paris" kind of way.

#6: Metallurgic Summonings

Speaking of good Limited cards that catch fire in Constructed, Metallurgic Summonings seems pretty damn busted with Yahenni's Expertise.

#5: Panharmonicon

At this point, it's well-documented that my brain doesn't work right for this card. Luckily Seth Manfield's brain has no limits.

#4: Forest


#3: Aether Hub

"You can use it to, you know, get your combo, for, uh... for Emrakul. You can use it to dig up those, um... uh... those guys. Whatever they're called."
-My coworker Jazon, on Aether Hub

I think he mixed it up with Aetherworks Marvel. That's okay.

#2: Ravenous Trap

"If you can't afford Leyline of the Void, it's probably alright."
-My coworker Yon, on Ravenous Trap

#1: Thraben Inspector

"I never thought I'd take so much damage from a 1/2."
-Yon, on Thraben Inspector

See you Monday.

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