Aether Revolt preview season was a one week wonder of days packed with spoilers. Despite Planeswalkers and Inventions being known going into last Monday, the set unleashed its final trick on Friday when multiple combos came to Standard.

You didn't miss a beat picking up the cards.

Honorable Mentions

Aether Revolt had a huge week, and many cards inched to just outside the Top 10 despite only being on sale for a handful of days. Sram's Expertise drove Hall of Fame member Raph Levy to look at Tokens making a comeback. Rishkar, Peema Renegade promises explosive plays and fuels tribal shenanigans. Sram, Senior Edificer provides redundancy and a draw engine for going all-in on Equipment (or Auras or Vehicles).

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#10: Metallic Mimic

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#2: Animation Module

Metallic Mimic is similar to Adaptive Automaton, providing a colorless way to beef up tribal strategies. It means when you fabricate to make Servos they enter and get a +1/+1 counter, or when you're playing alongside Rishkar, Peema Renegade you can start tapping even more creatures for mana. Even better, with Animation Module and a Mimic set to Servo you can pay one mana to keep making 2/2 creatures whenever you fabricate or otherwise create one.

It's an open-ended option to invent a sweet deck around, exactly what Kaladesh is all about. You can learn a little more about what Metallic Mimic can do with Adam Yurchick's deeper look at the card.

#9: Brain in a Jar

#5: Beck // Call

Players keep pushing on Brain in a Jar, and now it's making its madness known outside of Standard. Between cards like Sram's Expertise and our aforementioned Jar, casting the "cheap" side for free to get the expensive side of a split card, or with fuse cards both sides, it's clear there's an opportunity to do some fun things in Modern or beyond.

Comment from discussion [AER] Sram's Expertise.

Whether those things are actually good is another discussion altogether.

#7: Stoke the Flames

The Frontier push continues with Stoke the Flames, arguably the best go-to-the-face burn spell available for the format. A conditionally free spell is often enough to see play elsewhere, though Modern hasn't been kind to things that cost four mana since Splinter Twin got the axe.

#4: Aether Hub

Like Duskwatch Recruiter and Reflector Mage before it, Aether Hub is the current uncommon seeing playing far beyond expectations. Let's be thankful it's an uncommon rather than a rare.

#3 Fatal Push

Like Aether Hub, Duskwatch Recruiter and Reflector Mage before it, Fatal Push will be seeing play far beyond expectations, upending Modern (See Craig Wescoe's latest.) and providing an efficient, instant way to deal with Smuggler's Copter and other annoying creatures. Let's be thankful it's an uncommon rather than a rare.

Honorable Mention: Wandering Fumarole

#6: Crackdown Construct

Did you think I was just skipping around numbers for no reason? Aether Revolt unpacked several combos onto the Magic world Friday, including the ability to make a creature as large as you want to just four mana.

It's easy: Play Wandering Fumarole and Crackdown Construct. Activate Fumarole and then activate its zero-mana ability as many times as you want. For each activation, Crackdown Construct gets +1/+1 until end of turn. From there it's simply trample or unblockable, attack and win.

Assuming you use protection (see Blossoming Defense, a green helper next to Larger Than Life and friends) it's a cleaner way to "go off" that Electrostatic Pummeler has been doing. I even got in on the action for this:

This #MTGAER set really did come with backwards compatibility. (CC: @qh_murphy)

— Adam Styborski (@the_stybs) January 6, 2017

Barrage Tyrant goes face and dodges having to attack at all at the cost of more set up time and mana, though now my pet card from Kaladesh Key to the City seems better: Dig for the pieces and turn on the kill in one card?

#####CARDID= 34296#####

Seems okay.

Honorable Mention: Felidar Guardian

#8: Authority of the Consuls

#1: Saheeli Rai

Here's another combo coming with Aether Revolt: Play Saheeli Rai on turn three, then play Felidar Guardian on turn four, activate Saheeli's copy ability, blink Saheeli with the copy and repeat until you have an army of haste to overwhelm the opponent.

Worried about this? Try Authority of the Consuls to stop it cold... well maybe, given Aetherflux Reservoir also sold well and assuredly combos with any cards that give you life when your opponent tries to make a ton of creatures. Where the new take on Splinter Twin goes next is something we'll see in the coming weeks.

Join us Friday when we check in on Jon and Ryan's Aether Revolt Fantasy Draft to see how their picks are selling, and what it means for the Prerelease Weekend. See you then!