The Eldritch Moon Prerelease is done and we've finally had our first chance to play with Magic's newest cards. While I'm pumped to amazing new commons to consider for my Pauper cube, it's the idea of Eldritch Moon Standard that has everyone else fired up.

Unless you're really into Pauper too, then new commons are as exciting as it gets I guess.

For the rest of you we've got the top sellers from the past week, covering all the excitement around which cards we'll be brewing with next. Let's get started.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Coax from the Blind Eternities is still the toolbox inspiration we've been looking for. Voldaren Pariah is a flying terror for opponents. Lupine Prototype is a howling good time in Affinity and 8-Rack decks alike. Distended Mindbender showed up in Conley's sweet deck over in our Multicolor, Meld, Artifact, Colorless and Land Eldritch Moon Set Guide article. Collective Effort didn't, but that's what the set guide article took.

#10: Summary Dismissal

Last Word got a makeover. Summary Dismissal can be countered, but as a Counterspell itself it's a viable line of defense against Eldrazi titans and the "whenever you cast this do that" effects that come with them. While Time Stop is still the better way to do it, Summary Dismissal gets the big chunk of fighting triggers and spells done.

#9: Bedlam Reveler

What if Blue-Red Spells was ready for a comeback? With new commons like Galvanic Bombardment and Take Inventory to encourage piling up the graveyard, and plenty of ways in blue and red to go digging, getting a cheap Bedlam Reveler seems easy enough.

#8: Dark Salvation

Who doesn't love Zombies and removal? If things like Cryptbreaker are your jam, then Dark Salvation is right up your alley. Killing something while adding more Zombies to the battlefield just looks great, and will certainly fit into any Zombie deck shambling into Standard next.

#7: Nebelghast Herald

If Spirits are going to make a splash it will be thanks to flashy rares like Spell Queller (see below) and Nebelghast Herald. Popping in like a combat trick and flying over to hit the opponent, Nebelghast Herald is the type of tempo effect creature-based decks like Spirits look for.

#6: Bygone Bishop

Bygone Bishop is already a Standard-proven card, powering up some Humans builds as a clue-granting card draw engine. Alongside a tribal army of Spirits and it's clear Bygone Bishop's Constructed days are far from bygone.

#5: Selfless Spirit

Can you see the Spirit deck pulling together? Selfless Spirit can make our flying army of doom indestructible for a turn, dodging everything but Languish in terms of mass removal wiping things away. Once Magic Origins rotates when Kaladesh arrives this fall, Selfless Spirit may become even more valuable to decks.

#4: Matter Reshaper

Matter Reshaper is still riding the tide of Eldritch Evolution and emerge Eldrazi to the top of our top-selling cards lists. Easy-to-cast creatures with solid rate that effectively cantrip just don't exist often, and Matter Reshaper is sticking around Standard for months to come. You've been warned.

#3: Spell Queller

Spell Queller is good. How good? It's so good the World Champion Seth Manfield spent an entire article walking through how to break it. One of his more interesting angles was revisting processors from Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch. It's a deck that doesn't exist in a world without Spell Queller:


#2: Drogskol Captain

What a flash from the past! Drogskol Captain was last seen mucking around Constructed tables during Pro Tour Avacyn Restored. There, Drogskol Captain nullified single-target removal and enabled a powerful tempo deck to nearly give Jon Finkel another Pro Tour win. (Alexander Hayne and his miraculous Miracles made it all the way instead.)

With Spell Queller looking good for Modern and maybe beyond it's no wonder the powerful tribal leader Drogskol Captain is making a comeback. Spirits in Standard and Modern? It's more likely than you think!

#1: Mausoleum Wanderer

Cursecatcher is a critical piece of the Modern Merfolk deck, providing an early tool for disruption and being a payoff for uncontested lords following it up. Mausoleum Wanderer is almost identical. It operates a little differently—you'll want Spirits with flash to stretch what it can counter—but the effect is solid enough to take it to the top sold slot.

If you're planning on playing Spirits you should know you're not alone.

Join us Friday when we look at the lay of the Eldritch Moon land on its release day. See you then!