#13: Hour of Devastation

#12: Mountain

#11: Hour of Promise

#10: Earthshaker Khenra

#9: Crested Sunmare

#8: Forest

#7: Adorned Pouncer

#6: Champion of Wits

#5: Swamp

#4: Mirage Mirror

#3: Island

#2: Supreme Will

#1: Abrade

Video Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, where you happen to be. I'm Jon Corpora, managing editor at magic.tcgplayer.com, and this is our biweekly countdown of the top-selling cards of the past few days. Let's get into it.

Mardu Vehicles used to really do a number on blue-red control. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar was tough to answer, and an Archangel Avacyn in response to a sweeper used to be lights out. That's not really the case anymore thanks to Hour of Devastation. What used to be a bad matchup for U/R Control just got way easier.

For my money, the best deck for the existing metagame is R/G Ramp. It goes over the top of all of Standard's midrange nonsense with ginormous creatures and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and it does all that with the help of Hour of Promise. With Hour of Promise, you can either get double Shrine of the Forsaken Gods to power out a turn-six Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, or a couple deserts to create some blockers and keep yourself alive long enough to set up shop. It's a ramp spell the likes of which we haven't seen in a while.

Earthshaker Khenra is an exciting card. I'm officially a fan of this cycle of eternalize rares and I think they'll eventually all find their way to Standard in some form or fashion. Earthshaker Khenra is exactly what an aggressive red deck wants, and I'm picking it to do well at the Pro Tour.

Crested Sunmare, on the other hand, is not something I'm picking to do well on the Pro Tour, but there's no denying that this card is sweet! TMS Wedge AND Saffron Olive both had budget Crested Sunmare brews, so those are likely driving sales.

Cat decks are all the rage right now, causing Adorned Pouncer to hit the Top ten. You're in luck: Pro Tour Champion Craig Wescoe has cat tribal videos out today, so if you're into decks of the feline Persuasion, definitely check that out.

Emerge decks have always been a blast to play, but Champion of Wits takes them to the next level. This card is very real, and turns Emerge into a tier one archetype single-handedly. Champion of Wits AND Adorned Pouncer are part of that cycle of eternalize rares — get used to seeing them on this list.

Every Commander deck is going to want to get their hands on a Mirage Mirror. It's kinda like Sculpting Steel, BUT you get to copy the best thing on the table EVERY TURN. How many times have you played a Clone-type card, copying your opponent's best card, only to have them play something better the very next turn? Mirage Mirror takes away the stress of that, and at only two mana to activate it, it's a bargain.

Players love the lands of Hour of Devastation, and four out of five feature in the top ten this week, with Plains lagging not too far behind the pack. All five will make it eventually, I'm sure.

There's not much to say about Supreme Will that hasn't already been said, but I will add that as Standard trends more towards midrange, Supreme Will will only get better, countering more expensive spells late as well as digging deep for specific answers. Cards like this are the best, and I'm glad so many of them made their way into Hour of Devastation.

Speaking of which, our best-selling card for what feels like the billionth week in a row is Abrade. It does a ton against all kinds of decks — it's basically never a dead card. As well as killing any small creature, it destroys Oketra's Monuments, Gearhulks… Metalwork Colossus… it does a lot. The only matchup it's pretty dead in is ramp, where it only hits Walking Ballista, but that's still a pretty good hit rate! Abrade's great.

And that's it for this week! Let me know how I did in the comments; I read all of them, and have a good weekend. If you're playing in any events, I wish you luck.

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