The first full week of Eldritch Moon is done, and another big weekend—for Standard and Limited—is about to kick off. Sprits, Ali Aintrazi's brew and Humans all had time in the spotlight last time, but it's the focus on Bant Company and how to beat it that is on everyone's mind now.

Fortunately, we've got the sales data to see how the world reacted. Let's get started.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Murder is the common-now-uncommon everyone forgot. Thalia's Lancers help find what you need for Brisela. Eldritch Evolution is still a Modern hope. Liliana, the Last Hope truly isn't.

#10: Dark Salvation

Decks need answers. Removal spells that come attached to creatures are among the best value decks can find, so it's little surprise Dark Salvation continues to get the nod from players.

Zombies are pushing at the edges of Standard, as Adam Yurchick discovered digging through other results from the weekend:


#9: Cryptbreaker

Look at the Zombie deck above. If you're bringing the black shamblers then Cryptbreaker is one that's required. Drawing cards is great, as it works both on offense and defense. Cryptbreaker into a two-drop Zombie into Dark Salvation kills something with three toughness and nets you an extra card.

Dreams are real.

#8: Collective Brutality

Collective Brutality is a flexible answer, capable to dealing with small creatures or tearing into the hands of control decks. While it may not be a four-of maindeck star for most decks, it is a valuable tool in smaller numbers. Ronnie Ritner made Top 8 at the Open in Columbus, and brought the brutality along for the ride:


#7: Collective Defiance

Collective Defiance, like all the rare escalate cards, has modes that make it easy to use in a variety of situations. If your hand is full of junk, empty it out and draw something fresh. Dealing 4 damage to a creature kills most of what sees play in Standard. Dealing 3 to an opponent's face isn't too shabby either.

All that flexibility helped Kevin Brayer pushing his Red-Green Dragons deck deep into the Columbus Day 2:


#6: Thalia, Heretic Cathar

If there's an obvious home for Thalia, Heretic Cathar it's in Standard Humans decks. She appeared in several builds over the weekend, including Nick Moran's Day 2 take:


Whether new Thalia is ready for Modern too is a bigger question that hasn't been answered, at least not yet. Hang tight, Thalia fans.

#5: Bedlam Reveler

Either Bedlam Reveler is the next great thing for Modern Burn decks, or it'll be the biggest hype blowout in some time. Depending upon who you ask, the quality and potential of Bedlam Reveler ranges from unplayable to outrageously amazing.

Another one of Yurchick's dug up decks was an updated Blue-Red spells deck for Standard that, of course, put Bedlam Reveler front and center:


#4: Incendiary Flow

Incendiary Flow can go to the dome or creatures, and it costs two mana. That's really all it takes to be a playable burn spell in Standard these days. It also exiles creatures, handy for when you want to finish a Prized Amalgam (or something else recursive) for good.

And there are always folks willing to go straight to the face in Standard:


#3: Unsubstantiate

While White-Blue Spirits and Bant Company might be the flashiest decks around, there are other ways to make opponents shiver when seeing Islands. With so many "spells have payoff" effects floating around in Standard it's little wonder Unsubstantiate made its appearance in Blue-Red Prowess at Columbus. Check it out:


#2: Spell Queller

Why isn't Spell Queller the top slot this week? Probably because it was hitting the hype train earlier than what did. If you need a lesson in why Spell Queller is busted, consider the following list by Jeff Hoogland from Columbus and ponder the ways to wreck opponents:


#1: Selfless Spirit

Not only do Bant Company decks get to add Spell Queller to their arsenal of unfair creatures, Selfless Spirit joined in the fun too. Forcing removal to stay away from Spell Queller or Duskwatch Recruiter or Thalia, Heretic Cathar is, apparently, good. The best deck in Standard got better, and we're all praying for the Pro Tour to upend the status quo:


Join us Monday when we hit the sales data on another weekend of results. See you then!