It's Friday. I'm here to write about cards and take vacation in Seattle—and I'm all out of vacation in Seattle.

Eldritch Moon preview season kicked off Monday with the reveal of Emrakul, the Promised End and our sales tipped accordingly. With so many hints and teases into what's coming next, it's hard not to watch the trailer and feel like everything we were waiting for from Shadows over Innistrad is finally arriving.

I mean, we're really getting our legendary Werewolf. What more do you want?

Honorable Mentions

Thalia's Lieutenant is still a lynchpin in Humans decks. Eldrazi Mimic might make a Constructed return depending on the Eldrazi revealed for Eldritch Moon. Traverse the Ulvenwald is still a fine card to build around. Duskwatch Recruiter is the best uncommon printed in Shadows over Innistrad.

#10: Declaration in Stone

Anguished Unmaking may answer more permanents, but it's Declaration in Stone that's emerged as the premier removal spell out of Shadows over Innistrad. Thanks to go-wide strategies like Humans and White-Green Tokens, killing multiple (and often big) creatures for just two mana is a deal you can't turn down.

It probably helps those go-wide decks are using it too, like the Open winner from last weekend Tom Ross:


#9: Ever After

Why is Ever After such a fun card to pick up and play? Conley's used the card to brew up several decks already, including this fun Mardu value build:


#8: Nahiri, the Harbinger

Narhiri, the Harbinger has made her way into both Standard and Modern, thanks to her unique toolset of removal, card draw and cheating giant fatties onto the battlefield. She's not going away anytime soon—while Jadine Klomparens was on the deck from the start of Shadows over Innistrad Standard it appeared in the finalist slot of last weekend's Open too:


#7: Thought-Knot Seer

Nahiri isn't the only Standard card to recently cut across formats. Thought-Knot Seer is one of the powerful Eldrazi cards out of Oath of the Gatewatch that's made the Eldrazi a mainstay of Modern while working its way into several Standard decks. If you're unfamiliar with the card… then keep playing wherever you're playing.


#6: Reality Smasher

See above.

#5: Rattlechains

Saito's Blue-Red Flyers deck isn't going away, and Spirits will presumably get a shot in the spectral arm thanks to Eldritch Moon. Rattlechains is a solid Spirit to play if you have others on hand, and getting tricky with blue cards is way too exciting for too many players to pass up.


#4: Arlinn Kord

Arlinn Kord isn't tearing up the competitive scene, but if red and green Werewolf creatures become a Standard deck when Eldritch Moon hits then Arlinn is the type of Planeswalker you'll want in it.

The best part is you can fire up the base of Red-Green Werewolves with Wedge's budget build, then add Arlinn Kord and other rares to taste:


#3: Prized Amalgam

Zombies are fun! Prized Amalgam is one of the best out of Shadows over Innistrad. While the shambling ones haven't made the Standard splash yet, Prized Amalgam gave Modern Dredge a well-timed boost:


#2: Diregraf Colossus

Like Arlinn Kord, Diregraf Colossus got the Eldritch Moon bump as players begin expecting the Innistrad tribes to get even more tools and choices. Like with Werewolf creatures, Wedge can get you started with a budget build you can update and upgrade for yourself:


#1: Relentless Dead

The Eldritch Moon trailer shows Liliana calling forth an incredible horde of Zombies. Relentless Dead is a recursive one that hasn't found its home in Standard yet. It's a relatively inexpensive mythic with the potential to explode if Zombies hit the big time.

It also happens to be pretty fun to play with, which helps.

What Eldritch Moon brings Magic is a journey we'll begin in earnest Monday. Until then, keep rocking and good luck playing this weekend!