#14: Inventors' Fair

#13: Gate to the Afterlife

#12: Wastes

#11: Longtusk Cub

#10: Demon of Dark Schemes

#9: Blossoming Defense

#8: Cut // Ribbons

#7: Regal Caracal

#6: Swamp

#5: Plains

#4: Mountain

#3: Island

#2: Forest

#1: Curse of Misfortunes

Video Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. I'm in a dark room with padded walls talking into a microphone, so you know what that means… it's time for Super Sellers, the twice-weekly video where we count down the top-ten best-selling cards on TCGplayer. I'm your host, Jon Corpora — let's get into it.

Inventors' Fair kicks us off, and it's way down from #1 over the weekend. An astute commenter form Monday let me know that Inventors' Fair sold well because of the success of a Metalwork Colossus deck. There you have it — proof that we read the comments.

Now that God-Pharaoh's Gift has been revealed, players are going in on Gate to the Afterlife. Cheating God-Pharaoh's Gift into play has the potential to be pretty powerful. I'm not counting it out yet, but beating an average draw from Mardu vehicles is a tall order, and Mardu will be the measuring stick that all cool combo decks will be measured against.

Another commenter tells me Wastes are a spec buy because they can only go up in value. If people are truly buying Wastes for this reason, then I just hope they're not spending too much money.

Longtusk Cub's going to continue to sell well until Hour of Devastation's released because energy's really good.

Speaking of energy, Demon of Dark Schemes picked up some steam this week as a potential closer in an energy-themed control deck. I smell a Grixis energy control deck. Anyone else smell that? No? Okay.

Blossoming Defense might not match Giant Growth's damage output, but it counters unconditional removal. Given the popularity of Fatal Push and Harnessed Lightning, Blossoming Defense gets a whole lot of added value.

Here's a card that's underrated right now and is only going to get better: Cut // Ribbons. The removal spell is a little lackluster, but both halves on one card seems like exactly the kind of thing an aggressive deck with red and black wants. Cough cough Mardu Vehicles cough.

Regal Caracal holds steady thanks to the hype surrounding Pride Sovereign. Honestly, who doesn't want to beat down with some cats?

The basics from Amonkhet bounce back this week, collectively taking up the second spot, but our best seller this week is...

Curse of Misfortunes! This is a spec, and the idea behind the spec is simple: it searches up Overwhelming Splendor, which keeps your opponent from playing Magic. This is more of a Commander-geared spec, and here's why it's not going to work: if the combo is too bad, the price on Curse of Misfortunes won't move, and if the combo is too good, Overwhelming Splendor will get banned before the needle on Curse of Misfortunes moves too far.

That's it for this week. We're gone next Monday on account of fourth of July, and the esteemed Ryan Michael Gomez will be taking over for me on Friday while I'm on vacation. Have a good weekend, and since I won't talk to you before next weekend, enjoy your prerelease!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora