The first full week of Eldritch Moon previews has been outstanding. While, as of writing this, we haven't seen a Planeswalker and only a dearth of mythic rares, the power an excitement in the set is solid.

Even our preview drove us mad enough to make a Rick and Morty version with a Tinderwall—the only dating app for Planeswalkers—cold open with other darlings of the set:

With even more great things packed into Elritch Moon we're not missing a beat. In fact, you can keep up with the latest you need to know in the set with our daily preview recaps:

But if you're here for what Eldritch Moon is doing for what's sold, well, I've got you covered too.

Honorable Mentions

Thalia, Heretic Cathar is the preorder that was closest to making the Top 10. Our preview from yesterday, Lupine Prototype, was right behind her. Eldrazi Mimic seems to have gotten "the TCGplayer preview video mention" lift. Tireless Tracker is still a great value card.

#10: Olivia, Mobilized for War

Eldritch Moon is pushing a clear hellbent mechanic, this time with a twist: the cards care if any player doesn't have any cards in hand. While it's a challenge to empty an opponent out of cards quickly, there's several ways to discard your own in Standard. Olivia, Mobilized for War is among the more powerful, setting up a clear Vampire Tribal deck accelerated by discarding things like Asylum Visitor and Fiery Temper.


#9: Thalia's Lieutenant

Thalia's Lieutenant is among the current Standard stalwarts, and with a few more weeks before Eldritch Moon hits Friday Night Magic it's still a fantastic card to run. Judging by sales this week there are plenty of players who agree.


#8: Allosaurus Rider

Eldritch Evolution was revealed yesterday and everyone went nuts. Natural Order and Birthing Pod are powerful cards that shaped formats like Modern and Legacy. Eldritch Evolution is a similar effect that takes one creature and tutors another onto the battlefield for sacrificing it.

The real question became "What's the most broken thing I can do with it?"

Allosaurus Rider can be cast for free—just exile two green cards from your hand—and Eldritch Evolution is three mana in the same color as Allosaurus Rider. With a healthy converted mana cost of seven, Allosaurus Rider can Eldritch Evolution into things like Iona, Shield of Emeria, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, or Griselbrand.

#7: Matter Reshaper

Whether you're playing Bant Eldrazi in Modern or that newfangled Colorless Eldrazi deck in Standard, Matter Reshaper is a key part of your strategy. As an easy-to-cast value creature that's fine for rate, nobody's expecting this to go away anytime soon.


#6: Diregraf Colossus

Gisa and Geralf arrived this week, firmly putting Zombies into the Standard discussion. Casting and recasting Diregraf Colossus to build up a shambling wall of the undead seems like one way to make Zombies great again.

The bad jokes just write themselves.

#5: Prized Amalgam

Prized Amalgam is already great in Modern Dredge. Gisa and Geralf is a great way to trigger it in Standard by casting a different Zombie—say, Diregraf Colossus for example—from the graveyard.

#4: Relentless Dead

If you read the previous two cards then you know what's going on with Relentless Dead. Zombies are making a move into Standard with Eldritch Moon. Look for Gisa and Geralf alongside a Zombie horde in Standard soon.

#3: Ever After

I was hoping to see this in the Top 10! What do most of the new meld cards, like Bruna, the Fading Light and Gisela, the Broken Blade, have in common? You need two creatures you own on the battlefield under your control at the same time. Ever After, conveniently enough, gets back exactly two creatures back.

It's combo time!

#2: Demonic Pact

Speaking of combos, Demonic Pact finally found its best pairing in Standard with the red-shifted near-reprint of Donate in Eldritch Moon: Harmless Offering. While it remains to be seen what else you can give opponents to ruin their day, Demonic Pact after exhausting the three non-"You lose the game." choices remains the most exciting.

The ol' "eight turns then Donate combo" is coming to a Standard near you!

#1: Triskaidekaphobia

Demonic Pact wasn't the only card to pick up the other half of a two card combo in Standard thanks to Eldritch Moon. Triskaidekaphobia started out as a fun and surprising way to grind down on opponent's life, and maybe sneak a win along the way, but with Tree of Perdition arriving the power potential jumped into competitive territory.

Perhaps planning on Humans and Tokens isn't the best bet for the new Standard world, and it's only been the first week of Eldritch Moon previews. Check in next week to see not just what Eldritch Moon is bringing, but exactly how players are reacting to all the news. See you then!