We're still doing videos, but this time we included a transcript of Jon's script for all you written word enthusiasts. Enjoy.

#14: Sheltered Thicket

#13: Attune with Aether

#12: Ceremonious Rejection

#11: Aether Hub

#10: Glory-Bound Initiate

#9: Garbage Fire

#8: Prowling Serpopard

#7: Harnessed Lightning

#6: Bristling Hydra

#5: Plains

#4: Forest

#3: Island

#2: Swamp

#1: Mountain

Video Transcript

What's up, world? I'm Jon Corpora, the Managing Editor at magic.tcgplayer.com, and today I'm counting down the best-selling cards of the week in a little video called Weekly Super Sellers. Let's go!

Sheltered Thicket kicks us off and that should come as no real surprise — Aetherworks Marvel and other energy decks are really good in Standard right now, and all the best energy cards are red and green. And it just so happens that Sheltered Thicket makes red and green mana! It all cycles in a pinch, making it way better than your average dual-land.

Speaking of energy cards, the lynchpin that holds all the energy decks together is Attune with Aether. This Lay of the Land variant allows energy decks to get greedy on manabases and makes every energy creature that much more threatening.

Ceremonious Rejection is decent. Am I sad it doesn't counter the Gearhulks? Of course I am. But you know what it does counter? Eldrazi! Aetherworks Marvel! Didgeridoo! Colossus of Sardia! The list goes on and on.

If Attune with Aether is the lynchpin that holds energy decks together, Aether Hub is the glue. Those analogies don't really work together, but… you know what I mean. They make energy decks work. Aether Hub's particularly powerful in that it adds an energy for no upfront cost, fixes mana for the rest of the game, and doesn't cut into a deck's spell count.

Glory-Bound Initiate holds steady on the Super Sellers list, cementing its claim as Amonkhet's most relevant card. Seen in Standard and Modern decks alike, this cheap little lifelinker's got what it takes to really make a dent in some metagames.

Garbage Fire. This one's a little weird. So next week, there's a bunch of Grand Prixs going on in Las Vegas, Nevada. A lot of tournaments in one place means a lot of judges in one place, and apparently there's an inside joke involving judges and Garbage Fires, so lots of them sold this week. If you can shed any light on what the deal behind Garbage Fire is, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

With the rise in prominence of countermagic in Standard, cost-effective answers like Prowling Serpopard have seen a nice spike in sales. It hits hard and strands countermagic in an opponent's hand — a deadly combination.

The state of removal in Standard is not great but Harnessed Lightning is a shining beacon of light among the nonsense. Now that most Standard decks accrue lots of energy incidentally, Harnessed Lightning can easily take out some ginormous monsters at the low, low cost of two mana.

When it sticks, Bristling Hydra is annoying as hell, proving almost impossible to kill. It's the threat of choice for energy decks and budget decks alike, and players are picking up their copies while they're cheap.

And for the second video in a row, the five best-selling cards are… the Amonkhet full-art basics. YAAAAAAAY

We hope you liked what you saw today, and remember, if you like this kind of stuff, Super Sellers videos run every Monday and Friday, and if you're looking to pick up any of these cards, we've got a 3% kickback going on all weekend long. Have a good weekend and we'll see you Monday on Super Sellers.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora