Eternal Masters has arrived, in case you've been living under a rock for the past month, and we're celebrating the release with a Kickback promotion all weekend. That means when you see a card you need, from the top ten sold this week listed below, you'll get a little bonus back next week.

Also, you're going need some extra funds after you tear through drafting Eternal Masters this weekend.

#1: Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker is one of those cards everybody should have copies of. It's a solid body for the mana cost, makes Clue Tokens even more exciting to pop, and happens to be an excellent value engine for any deck planning to play lands (which is virtually every deck in Magic).

Oh, and Collected Company and Bant Humans joined forces to make Tireless Tracker even better to play:


#2: The Great Aurora

Sam Black played around with The Great Aurora at the 2016 Magic Online Championship, but the card hasn't taken a grip on Standard yet. This week SaffronOlive took a closer look to pare down the deck to its budget core:


#3: Rattlechains

People love budget decks, particularly when they can get the job done winning. Saito's Blue-Red Flyers is still a deck players are seeking out, and with more flying Spirits coming in Eldritch Moon you can count on the deck sticking around.


#4: Anger of the Gods

Anger of the Gods is one of the best Pyroclasm effects in the game. For Modern, it's the card fighting the good fight against Kitchen Finks, Lingering Souls, and dozens of other small creatures that beat down in decks like Abzan Company.

It also helps kill Merfolk, but nobody good is playing that deck anyway.


#5: Consul's Lieutenant

Consul's Lieutenant pops up in many aggressive Humans decks, and Tom Ross's Open-winning White-Red Humans deck was no different:


#6: Town Gossipmonger

See White-Red Humans deck above.

#7: Jace's Sanctum

If Tokens and Humans and Collected Company aren't using enough Islands for your liking, you can take refuge in Jace's Sanctum with others trying out the Mono-Blue Prison deck. Frank Karsten tweaked it to put Dragonlord Silumgar into the sideboard for Grand Prix Costa Rica, but the novel (and painfully awkward for your opponents) plan means you can plan on Island-filled hands for Standard if you really want.


#8: Open the Armory

Tutors like Open the Armory are usually good. Where this card is being played is unclear. It is the fifth through eight copies of Gryff's Boon if you really want.

#9: Oath of Nissa

How you do cast Chandra, Flamecaller in a deck without a single source of red mana? Hall of Famer and TCGplayer columnist Raphaël Lévy did it with Oath of Nissa, and won Grand Prix Manchester doing it. Check out his report to see how the greedy play paid off.

Enough said.


#10: Lambholt Pacifist

Lambholt Pacifist appears in several different aggressive Standard decks, like Seth Manfield's Grand Prix Costa Rica-winning White-Green Tokens list. He updated it this week to take on a Standard aiming at Tokens decks, but we're betting it's still the arguable best deck in the format.

While his videos walk you through it, don't miss his sideboard guide and tips in his article!


Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Declaration of Stone is still amazing removal. Prism Ring is in the Prison deck. Eldrazi Displacer is outrageously good against Tokens.

Join us Monday to see where a Legacy doubleheader weekend takes us. See you then!