Yeah, we're just getting into it today. It's St. Patrick's Day. We've got things to do. I get it.

#10: Winding Constrictor

Whether or not green-black is a good idea to play in Standard, Winding Constrictor will continue to sell because it's a good card across the board that synergizes with wacky stuff that plays from the tournament table to the kitchen table. It's a neat little package that isn't hard to disrupt but, unanswered, will wrap a game up quickly. Winding Constrictor is the Commander of Magic cards.

#9: Street Wraith

This one's pretty simple: Street Wraith wasn't reprinted in Modern Masters 2017, and even though its price trend is flat, it's a juicy spec target, seeing as it's in Modern's de-facto top deck, Death's Shadow, and also appears in Living End decks. Any reprint would gouge the price, but that's true for any spec.

#8: Attune with Aether

Lay of the Land with energy stapled to it has been a defining card of Aether Revolt Standard by letting players not only cheat on land count but also by allowing players to stretch into four- or five-color decks. Any opening hand with an Attune with Aether and a green source, even a one-lander, is tough to mulligan.

#6: Botanical Sanctum

Haven't been able to bust this one out in a loooooong time:

Here's what makes dual-lands good: basic lands create only one color of mana. That means the baseline value of a land is that it makes one mana of one color. Any time a land is able to cheat on this principle, its value is higher than the value of a basic land. This is why lands like these generally have some sort of qualifier, or drawback, built in. Sometimes the drawbacks are too great, like with Lotus Vale or Cinder Marsh, for them to have more value than a basic land. However, the drawback on the Kaladesh rare dual-land cycle is barely a drawback, yielding value way past the value of a basic land. That is why Botanical Sanctum is a Good Wizard Square.

Also worth paying attention to: Botanical Sanctum is in all the billion-color Attune with Aether Standard decks, so it makes sense that these two would pop up on the Top 10 simultaneously.

#4: Aether Hub

Aether Hub will be on this list for a long time. As more cards come out and Standard becomes more and more bloated, decks will be incentivized to stretch on mana, giving cards like Spire of Industry and Aether Hub more value than they'd usually have.

#5: Ghirapur Orrery

#3: Swans of Bryn Argoll

No idea why these cards are here. Help, anyone? Y'all have been pretty awesome at telling me why cards I have no clue about sold, and I'd hate to deprive you of another opportunity to do so. I don't think these two are necessarily related, but... yeah. I have no clue why they're here.

#7: Felidar Guardian

#2: Saheeli Rai

On the other hand, these two cards are related, and it's weird to see players buying into them, if only because they're guaranteed to be banned before Pro Tour Amonkhet. Wizards demonstrated a willingness to shake up Standard for the sake of the Pro Tour by banning Reflector Mage, Smuggler's Copter, and Emrakul the Promised End. There are plenty of reasons to believe they won't continue the trend, but at this point, the Copy-Cat combo is all but guaranteed to dominate Pro Tour Amonkhet unless Amonkhet is absurdly powerful or the combo gets banned outright. The second outcome is better than the first, if only because I don't think I want cards in Standard that are more powerful than nonsense like Aetherworks Marvel and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar.

#1: Fatal Push

Fatal Push is number one once again. Get used to it!

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