Modern Weekend has arrived! With dozens of states reporting their Top 8s from the 2016 TCGplayer Prize Wall Modern State Championships, it's clear the format is both wide open and in high gear.

And this week's top selling cards prove it.

#1: Grafdigger's Cage

It slices. It dices. It's locks out various combos. Grafdigger's Cage impacted Eternal formats from its arrival with Dark Ascension, and now it's fighting the good fight against Dredge and Goryo's Vengeance in Modern. Kyle Boggemes took Reckless Bushwhacker and his take on Red-Green Aggro to the top of Michigan States, relying on Grafdigger's Cage out of the sideboard to keep things fair.


#2: Prized Amalgam

Prized Amalgam has held a top spot for two weeks now, only losing out to a card that fights it head on. Dredge is getting Modern love these days, and this Zombie is one that's feeding on the attention.


#3: Ever After

Ever After has been bubbling up for a week, and SaffronOlive's budget Standard look at using it as part of a reanimation engine put it over the top. "The Seth Effect" or, perhaps more broadly, "The Sweet, Fun Budget Standard Brew That Got Some Love This Week Effect" hit it out of the park again.


#4: Nahiri, the Harbinger

World Champion Seth Manfield showed you why Nahiri, the Harbinger is the real deal for Modern. Judging by the Jeskai decks that showed up across States it's no wonder Nahiri, the Harbinger continues to sell well.


#5: Steamflogger Boss

Kaladesh hype is in full swing after Monday's huge announcements from Wizards. I'd show you a deck with Steamflogger Boss in it… but it doesn't exist. Judging by how people reacted it'll presumably exist when Kaladesh arrives this fall. Maybe. Only Wizards knows.

#6: Duskwatch Recruiter

Duskwatch Recruiter may not get the nod for "Best Card in Standard" but it's certainly among the most important cards in the format. That won't change even with Eldritch Moon coming.


#7: Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker was already a good card, then Magnus Lantto showed it off out of his Legacy sideboard at the 2016 Magic Online Championship. Standard tested, Eternal approved.


#8: Eldrazi Displacer

Eldrazi Displacer is another Standard standout that's made its way into an older format. It turns out flickering for value works even when it's not Brood Monitor or Reflector Mage.


#9: Falkenrath Gorger

"The Wedge Effect" hit our countdown as well this week with his fantastic (and budget) take on Red-Black Vampires:


#10: Sin Prodder

Sin Prodder isn't making any major waves in formats but continues to sell wall. With corner-case appearances in Modern Mardu sideboards and some fringe fun in Standard it isn't clear why it keeps popping up. I think everyone just really wants to believe Dark Confidant has returned in some form. (Asylum Visitor from earlier this week is guilty of the same hopes.)

The Best of the Rest

Thing in the Ice continues to be cool. Silverfur Partisan pretends it's a Werewolf leader of some sort. Insolent Neonate is a sweet card that gets love in decks like Wedge's Red-Black Vampires.

What gems will a second weekend of amazing Modern bring us Monday? Tune in to find out, and we'll see you then!