What will be played this weekend? It's a tough question to answer but one way is to understand what actually sold, which is why we're back every week counting down. While some cards definitely change in price—and if they're selling well it's likely going higher too—we're looking at the quantity of sales that occurred.

A jump in price doesn't mean everyone suddenly has copies ready for this weekend.

So what did go out the door this week? Here are the top ten cards sold since Monday, May 2.

#1: Nahiri, the Harbinger

Nahiri, the Harbinger finally has her chance to shine. Naya Midrange is pulling her into Standard. Modern and Legacy know well the power of cards that dig into the library, exile as an answer, to tutor up into combat an incredible creature. Her package of abilities was being undervalued, so it's natural a correction would kick in when she started to see play.

Anyone want to call if she's in the finals of Grand Prix New York this weekend?

#2: Brain in a Jar

The SaffronOlive effect met the Melissa DeTora followup on Monday, and plumbing the depths of Brain in a Jar is a new pastime to plenty of Standard players.


While Melissa's article nimbly handles the question "What if I don't have Jaces?" it's more that red isn't the only color you can pair with blue for the biggest bang on your Brain in a Jar. We'll be watching for where it shows up next.

#3: Devastating Summons

Update: Devastating Dreams is not Devastating Summons. Why the world wants to play with Devastating Summons is a pseudo-mystery once more.

At least it works on Magic Online.

#4: Duskwatch Recruiter

Duskwatch Recruiter is a card advantage engine in multiple Standard decks. From B/G Sacrifice to the variously colorful builds of Collected Company decks, the odds are good you should have a set of Duskwatch Recruiters hanging around.

#5: Open the Armory

Tutors are a powerful thing in Magic, and R&D is actively avoiding printing them so often. While Traverse the Ulvenwald was a centerpiece to Conley Woods' latest deck, Open the Armory is another tutor that opens up a toolbox of answers and threats. This is the kind of tech that keeps Mono-White Humans in the running for best deck in the format, and if any busted Equipment roll in with Eldritch Moon, this tutor will turn into the extra copies you want in your deck.

#6: Engulf the Shore

Brain in a Jar decks need to stay alive, and Engulf the Shore provides that better in blue than any other spell. Thanks to its Island-counting requirement it's unlikely this will pop up in things like Esper Control (the one full of Planeswalkers), but if you're based in blue there's little else to really turn to.

#7: Reflector Mage

Seth Manfield took Standard by storm with his Four-Color Company deck, mixing the power of B/G Sacrifice with Bant Company to create a monstrously powerful deck:


While he fell just outside the Top 16 at Grand Prix Toronto, his deck drew the attention of coverage and players everywhere else. Reflector Mage is still a disruptive creature, and upending opponents plans while setting up your combo finish with Eldrazi Displacer (another brew-tacular card Adam Yurchick addressed this week) is outstanding.

#8: Perplex

On Monday, Mark Rosewater issued a death certificate for the transmute mechanic, then Perplex sold like hotcakes. Coincidence? Probably not, given my history of missing the one sweet, new deck that drove the sale of a card, but the fact tutors aren't being printed like they used to be and that transmute is an ultra-flexible way to tutor for anything means these cards should be in your collection already.

#9: Lightning Axe

Madness-enabler meets powerful removal, Lightning Axe had been in or near the top ten countdown for weeks now. It's flexible in Standard, crossing both aggressive decks like budget Black-Red Vampires and controlling Blue-Red Goggles alike. Get on the hype train and learn to love one of the best madness card without madness in Shadows over Innistrad.

#10: Geier Reach Bandit

What do you know, the Mana Source effect continued to! Wedge whipped up a sweet Red-Green Werewolf deck, and shows it off as only he can:


Get in on the howling good time before it's over.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

There's more that's moving than just the top ten counted down here. Things like Westvale Abbey and Village Messenger show there interest in all angles of Standard. Fevered Visions almost made a return to the list as well.

The most fun addition to fall just outside the top of the selling standings was Prized Amalgam. Is there an amazing Zombie deck ready to crawl onto the battlefield of Standard? I'm hoping to see it at least!