This week was everything—well, everything for previews—for Eternal Masters. While Modern Weekend was still lingering and Grand Prix for Standard are happening in Minneapolis and Manchester (Starting now!), our top slots and conversation has been dominated by the impending reprint set.

Let's see what happened.

#1: Eternal Masters Booster Box

#2: Eternal Masters Booster Pack



It's no secret that Eternal Masters is exciting for most Magic players. A set with Karakas, Maelstrom Wanderer and even Sengir Autocrat cuts across nearly every demographic that plays the game. Also, who doesn't want to play with Winter Orb? (Disclaimer: I raised my own hand emphatically.)

Boxes and packs are flying out in preorders, and if the original Modern Masters is any indication this is one set you don't want to wait on. (Disclaimer: I preordered my own weeks ago.)

#3: Reality Smasher

Bant Eldrazi are the talk of Modern this week, and one of the cards that smashes opponents the most is Reality Smasher. Seth Manfield, World Champion and all-around really good Magic player, dug deeper into the deck to show you what it's all about:


#4: Counterbalance

Counterbalance is one of the cornerstone cards of Legacy, paired with Sensei's Divining Top to create a soft lock on games. Since Top is in Eternal Masters but Counterbalance isn't you and understand why it's a top seller this week.


#5: Stone Haven Outfitter

Stone Haven Outfitter looks amazing for an equipment deck. I've missed where this amazing equipment deck is located. If found, please return to @the_stybs on Twitter. Thanks!

#6: Magosi, the Waterveil

Magosi, the Waterveil is a cool card to try and break. With proliferate it seems possible, but the deck actively doing that eludes me. See above for information on return it to me. (No reward will be provided, beyond that smug feeling of knowing something I don't… which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.)

#7: Duskwatch Recruiter

Another week, and time for one of Standard's best cards to keep shining. When Standard radically changes, Duskwatch Recruiter will fall off our countdown.


#8: Second Harvest

Second Harvest is a card waiting to be broken. With White-Green Tokens still making waves in Standard it isn't impossible to see it working, but so far the driving force behind its rise this week is invisible to me. (I do have a copy for Commander where it have obvious applications.)

#9: Matter Reshaper

Matter Reshaper is here because Bant Eldrazi is a sweet deck. See Reality Smasher above.

#10: Emeria Shepherd

Maybe it's Eternal Masters muscling into the mix, or maybe it's just a good week for solid value cards. Whatever the reason, Emeria Shepherd is on my list of "Commander cards that for some reason unknown to me sold really well this week."

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Eldrazi Displacer and Thought-Knot Seer round out the Bant Eldrazi quartet of power. Mutagenic Growth means Infect is still growing in popularity. (Ew.) Prized Amalgan means Dredge is still growing in popularity. (Ew. Again. I swear this week is just a personal torment designed for me.)



With the full reveal for Eternal Masters today this weekend should be a flurry of activity. And don't miss out on our site-wide 5% Kickback happening too! (Yes, it includes singles and sealed product preorders. No, it excludes purchases made with gift cards or store credit. Yes, it runs now through Monday night at 11:59 PM Eastern.)

Join us Monday when we unpack from the aftermath of everything Eternal Masters!