With a double weekend of Standard Grand Prix in the books—and the surge of sales associated with it—we've had a week of digest the latest decks and metagame. While Grand Prix Costa Rica is a smaller affair some of the biggest names will be there, including TCGplayer contributors Craig Wescoe, Seth Manfield, and fresh off his win in Manchester Raphaël Lévy.

It's a stacked event for sure.

For everyone else, this is a peek into what players purchased this week.

#1: Reality Smasher

One of the most efficient and aggressive Eldrazi is a contender in both Standard and Modern. While Seth tackled showing you why Bant Eldrazi are a force in Modern, players continue to wedge powerful Eldrazi into Standard decks.


#2: Goldnight Castiagtor

As news spread of Tomoharu Saito's Blue-Red Flyers deck, interest in putting it together snowballed. It's powerful—he finished in the Top 32 of Grand Prix Minneapolis—and relatively easy to put together. Have you built it yet?


#3: Rattlechains

Rattlechains is another efficient part of Saito's Blue-Red Flyers deck. A body with good rate and flash? It's finally seeing some Standard action.

#4: Diregraf Colossus

Diregraf Colossus is an underrated card in Standard. While Zombies aren't quite the shamble of the town, it's a creature engine both early and late in games. Wedge shared how awesome it was the other week and anyone getting prepped for Eldritch Moon in a few weeks is taking the bet on Zombies getting a nice push.

The key art features Liliana summoning a horde of Zombies, after all.


#5: Matter Reshaper

Matter Reshaper is another efficient Standard card seeing Modern play, namely in that Bant Eldrazi deck everyone keeps talking about.


#6: Eldrazi Displacer

Eldrazi Displacer has gone from cute synergy card to a cornerstone of Standard. Seeing play in Modern too, it's clear a repeated Flicker effect on a fine-for-rate body isn't going away anytime soon.


#7: Thalia's Lieutenant

White-based Humans decks made a comeback last weekend at both Standard Grand Prix, and Thalia's Lieutenant is one of the key cards that can make the deck threatening. Coming down early in the game means it can quickly grow in size to take on Standard's biggest monsters. Later, it's a permanent Glorious Anthem effect that spreads the +1/+1 counters across an entire army.


#8: Thought-Knot Seer

Thought-Knot Seer is another powerful Eldrazi card cutting across both Standard and Modern play. If you haven't played against this card yet I'd really like to know where you go for Friday Night Magic. Please let me know at @the_stybs on Twitter!

#9: Fevered Visions

Fevered Visions is another key piece of the Blue-Red Flyers deck. Drawing cards and keeping the on-board pressure going is made easier thanks to the suite of countermagic and Status Dancers hanging out: Your opponents will draw extra cards but never resolve the ones that matter!

#10: Thing in the Ice

Thing in the Ice is another one of those cards hanging on in sales despite missing widespread tournament success. One of the most interest recent uses of it came from Martin Müller at Grand Prix Manchester. Mono-Blue Prison is a deck nobody saw coming, and he four copies of Thing in the Ice out of the sideboard surely surprised many opponents that pulled most of their removal out during sideboarding.


Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Tireless Tracker isn't tired of selling well yet. Dimensional Infiltrator is another flying meets flash meets solid rate piece of the Blue-Red Flyers deck. Engulf the Shore is a nod to Müller's prison deck from Manchester. Duskwatch Recruiter seems destined to never fall off this list.

Join us Monday when we take a peek at Grand Prix Costa Rica and another weekend of amazing Standard action. See you then!