This early Magic Online set release thing rules. I've done a bunch of Amonkhet drafts already, and even though my win-percentage is sub-50, I enjoy the environment a lot. There are fun things to do at every speed, and the colors seem well-balanced, though I don't quite know what a good blue deck looks like outside of Angler Drake.

There were no premier-level Constructed events over the weekend, so there wasn't much new stuff driving sales. Let's hit it.

#10: Anointed Procession

The last top-down set, Innistrad, began its lifecycle as an expansion with absurdly powerful cards and has since settled into its identity as a set with absurdly powerful cards and flavorful kitchen-table fodder. For the moment, Amonkhet seems to have bypassed the tournament tables entirely and landed squarely at the feet of Commander gamers. This may seem like a disaster, but for traders and LGSes, Amonkhet represents a rare opportunity to buy low, sit on cards a few years, and sell high.

#8: New Perspectives

(yeah I know I skipped #9 just gimmie a minute here)

Alright, here's the deck:

I have no clue if this deck's any good or not, but it is definitely sweet. I would like for it to be good, but this is likely more on the order of Budget All-Star. If you're looking for a truly competitive linear combo deck, stick with Aetherworks Marvel.

#7: Cast Out

There's one level-up moment every beginner shares: the realization that instants, flash, and just plain doing stuff on your opponent's turn is pretty damn good.

As far as cycling goes, there won't be a ton of times where it's correct to cycle Cast Out, but draw the card enough times and those scenarios will definitely pop up. This has been observed before, but despite its lack of flavor, cycling's a cool mechanic that yields a positive impact gameplay and makes deckbuilding much less straightforward. I'll miss it when Amonkhet's gone.

#3: Commit // Memory

(we're still jumping around. it'll make sense soon i promise)

Imagine drawing seven cards with your Dynavolt Tower deck. Now, BUCKLE UP BECAUSE YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED:

#9: Dark Salvation

#6: Plague Belcher

#5: Lord of the Accursed

#4: Dread Wanderer

#2: Liliana's Mastery

I don't imagine all the zombies cards will be floating around Super Sellers post-Pro Tour, but until then, I'm grouping them all together. Here's the deck, for reference:

#1: Censor

For now, Censor is best-known for the fact that it isn't Miscalculation. I have a feeling that won't be the case after Pro Tour Amonkhet; Censor is primed for a big finish.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora