The Pro Tour's starting today, so yeah. Not trying to waste any time here. Let's get to the good stuff.

#10: Anointed Procession

Well crap, I guess the two weeks I spent testing Kalitas and Annointed Procession are down the drain.

— Brian Braun-Duin (@BraunDuinIt) May 10, 2017

He's referring to this blog post about how Anointed Procession interacts with Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. TL;DR: sometimes Anointed Procession will double the number of zombies Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet makes with its replacement effect, and sometimes it won't. This rule is unlikely to change the outcome of a match with actual stakes, but that doesn't change the fact that Magic is terrifying.

#9: Irrigated Farmland

Did you know that the rare Amonkhet cycling lands plays well with the cycle of dual-lands from Shadows over Innistrad? I feel like I knew that at one point, but so much stuff happened in Magic that I forgot it and then was re-reminded by a co-worker yesterday. Being to close to the content churn is a real danger, folks. Remember to get out there and actually play the game from time to time; it's easy to get caught up in goings-on in The Community and forget what brought us all here in the first place.

#8: Pull from Tomorrow

Torrential Gearhulk, and now, Pull from Tomorrow, can be safely seen as efforts to make blue relevant post-Siege Rhino. The worst thing to happen to blue cards in a long time is actually Planeswalkers because they Lay Bare the deficiencies of the color — if they resolve, blue cards alone won't dig them out of the hole any replacement-level-or-better Planeswalker will create. Their relatively high mana costs are designed to keep them in check against blue decks, but as contemporary deck design is teaching Magic's playerbase, it's generally preferable to be proactive than reactive. This is okay! Blue enjoyed unchecked superiority over the rest of the colors for the first decade-and-a-half of Magic's existence; the fact that the color kinda sucks now is okay.

#6: Cast Out

(yeah i know i skipped #7 we're jumping around it's okay)

It's fine for good cards to have cycling. Cycling is gravy, and gravy goes great on everything!

#7: Liliana's Mastery

#5: Dark Salvation

Yeah, the zombies deck is real. Can't wait to watch it in action.

#3: Censor

The Pro Tour's about to start. I hope this card sees infinite play. I am a sucker for a Force Spike.

#2: Commit // Memory

Commit // Memory's value should see a spike in the wake of Pro Tour Amonkhet. The Memory half in particular is too powerful of a spell to not have some sort of impact on Standard.

#4: Shadow of the Grave

#1: New Perspectives

Here's the latest Standard combo deck (that isn't energy-based):

As I write this, the draft rounds have started, with Standard waiting in the wings. I hope this deck shows up. It looks pretty sweet!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora