The effects and decks of Pro Tour Kaladesh continue to be felt in our top-selling cards. With a deck of every flavor doing well, and different control decks taking the top two spots at the tournament, players have been shopping around for everything.

Here's what they bought this week for our post-Pro Tour world.

Honorable Mentions

Cultivator's Caravan is a vehicle that's still criminally underrated. Weaver of Lightning is one of the best sideboard cards in Standard. Unlicensed Disintegration is still universal removal. Smuggler's Copter probably dropped out of the Top 10 on account of everything with any serious Standard play ahead of them finally having their playset by now.

#10: Servant of the Conduit

How do you fix colors, add energy and get a Grizzly Bear all in one card? You grab Servant of the Conduit, build the Red-Green Energy deck, and never look back.

#9: Radiant Flames

Radiant Flames may not be the best way to kill Vehicles, but it's still a top-tier battlefield sweeper for control decks. While Kozilek's Return is great if you're casting Eldrazi at any point, Radiant Flames scales all the way up to 3 damage for three-color control decks eschewing eldritch horrors, like Pro Tour Kaladesh winner Shota Yasooka's Grixis Control.

#8: Electrostatic Pummeler

Electrostatic Pummeler is a key piece of the all-in-energy decks running around. It turns out a turn four 20-something/20-something with trample and hexproof just wins games. Weird.

#7: Void Shatter

Void Shatter is another piece of the control decks running around, as permanently answering an Eldrazi is pretty good, as is exiling opposing instants from other control decks. Keep a graveyard off delirium and making enemy Torrential Gearhulks worse is hard to beat.

#6: Spirebluff Canal

Both Romao's and Yasooka's control decks play blue and red. So does Pierre Dagen's Blue-Red Spells deck, and a bunch of other graveyard-meets-spells-or-Spirits-or-emerge Eldrazi-or-whatever choices. Spirebluff Canal is also hot for Modern, but Standard is providing plenty of demand already.

#5: Glimmer of Genius

You have to be smart to use Glimmer of Genius. Slotting into many of the decks already mentioned today, the scry-meets-draw-two instant is exactly the kind of cards you like to wait to use. If the opponent does something, meet that up. If they don't, scry and draw cards instead. It's exactly as powerful as that sounds.

#4: Ceremonious Rejection

How do you fight Vehicles, Eldrazi and even other instants for just one blue mana? Ceremonious Rejection is a narrow answer in most formats, but that's one we're not in thanks to all the colorless things running amok. Expect this Counterspell to continue making a splash in Modern long after it's hot Standard minute is done.

#3: Galvanic Bombardment

Glavanic Bombardment is another control tool, ensuring that its answers get bigger and better the longer the game goes on. It's also an instant, which seems to be a requirement to see play in any Standard deck at the moment.

#2: Aether Hub

Aether Hub goes in just about every Standard deck these days. It's in Energy decks ready to pummel opponents. It's in control decks as another consistent way to hit three colors for Radiant Flames. It's even in Vehicles decks that are stretching beyond the popular red-white color combination.

It's one of the most-pushed uncommons in Kaladesh, and it's going to be in Standard for the next two years. Aether Hub is good.

#1: Harnessed Lightning

Harnessed Lightning has become ubiquitous removal. It's cheap, scales up with more energy effects, and is an instant to boot. As long as Smuggler's Copter and efficient one-drops form one of the best decks of the format, powerful and flexible removal like Harnessed Lightning will be needed to kill all the things.

Join us Monday when we jump into the evolution a double Grand Prix weekend brings up. See you then!