Last weekend's biggest tournament led to last weekend's sales results. As Collected Company made it clear it wasn't going anywhere and the aggressive decks—Humans—are now better defined, this week was all about fighting the new menace or finding a flight to join them.

It turns out a lot of you like the idea of joining them. Funny that.

If you want to know what players are actually packing for this weekend, our breakdown of the top ten cards sold this week will show you.

#1: Declaration in Stone

One of the most powerful removal spells to come with Shadows over Innistrad, Declaration in Stone is finding its way into white decks of every stripe. From the presumes aggro leader in white-based Humans to the Esper Control and White-Black Midrange variants, Declaration in Stone is a card everyone should see coming this weekend.

#2: Thalia's Lieutenant

A staple in the aggressive white Humans decks, Thalia's Lieutenant is riding the popularity of last weekend's standout decks and, according to reigning World Champion Seth Manfield, is just plain busted.

#3: Hanweir Militia Captain

For more information on the popularity of Hanweir Militia Captain, please see Thalia's Lieutenant above, the decklist below, or a Craig Wescoe article near you.


You're welcome.

#4: Drownyard Temple

Delirium and madness strategies are being explored in earnest. With the clearer picture of what the typical aggro and control decks are playing, turning on delirium or fueling madness for specific answers is more appealing by the day. Drownyard Temple not only provides fodder for both, it can also ramp a deck along or ensure your control deck hits its next land drop.

Adam Yurchick has a few more details on why it's a card you'll need for the long haul.

#5: Traverse the Ulvenwald

Speaking of reasons to turn delirium on, Traverse the Ulvenwald is one of the better reasons to go pile things up in your graveyard. Its base mode is already exciting with Radiant Flames and Painful Truths hanging out in three-color decks, but tutoring any land or creature becomes backbreaking in the right scenario later in the game. As decks find solutions for reliably hitting delirium, Traverse the Ulvenwald will follow right behind them.

#6: Duskwatch Recruiter

While W/G Humans decks have an obvious use for an efficient way to dig for more pressure, it's in the potent Collected Company decks that Duskwatch Recruiter prefers to call home. The deck that won the biggest event of the weekend played four.


I rest my case.

#7: Lightning Axe

The Time Spiral throwback of Lightning Axe quickly proved itself and efficient answer and madness enabler last weekend. Teaming up with hits like Fiery Temper and Drownyard Temple to lift an innovating U/R Control deck into the spotlight, where Lightning Axe goes form here depends on what delirium and madness dictate.

#8: Always Watching

Always Watching is the formidable enchantment that not only provides the typical buff that Glorious Anthem-effects are known for, but keeps an active army on defense as well. With so many creatures piling up in Humans decks, Always Watching is rising as the preferred way to keep your side of the battlefield bigger.

#9: Consul's Lieutenant

Consul's Lieutenant is an aggressive Human with a relevant combat ability that also grows on its own. See Thalia's Lieutenant, Hanweir Militia Captain and all the white Humans decks discussion this week.

#10: Thing in the Ice

If explosive delirium and madness decks need a powerful threat they'll find it in Thing in the Ice. Taking two counters off for just spending two red mana—that's Lighting Axe discarding Fiery Temper—means there are powerful ways to quickly transform this thing. Protecting it from Declaration in Stone and other removal is another story, however.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Just outside the top ten in ranking there were several more sweet cards, in no particular order. Tireless Tracker helps you get a clue. Archangel Avacyn is the epitome of a creating a blowout against opponents blocks or removal. Anguished Unmaking kills things almost as easily as Declaration in Stone. Reflector Mage is still messing up plans and keeping Collected Company decks at the top of the official Obnoxious Standard Decks standings.

Join us Monday when we take a look at how this weekend's showdowns showed up in the sales data. See you then!