Shaddolls made an immediate impact their first weekend out at the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational, immediately scoring a Finals finish in the hands of Carl Manigat. The result was an immediate spike of interest in everything Invoked, and a mad scramble to understand the strategy... and what could beat it.

Why are Shaddolls such a threat? No matter what variant you're up against, Shaddolls play really well going first or second; they can make huge set-ups with big controlling effects to start, or they maneuver through an opposing field with lots of small plays that pick the opponent apart. They're consistent, and while Shaddolls play nicely with one another they're practically custom-built to work with other Fusion themes and general Fusion support; that means they can make the most of powerful cards like Cross-Sheep and Super Polymerization.

Shaddolls are reliable, explosive, and easily shift between different play paths to systematically eliminate your opponent's outs. See it all in action, in Sam's latest video.

You can see Carl Manigat's 2nd Place deck list from the UDS below, but if you want to see more Top 8 lists from the UDS you can find them in the Deck Archive. You can also check out Sam's 1st Place Shaddoll deck profile from his latest locals over on his channel.