Wizards of the Coast revealed the full set list for Commander Legends yesterday. While it's arguable whether Wizards of the Coast fulfilled their promise to shore up white, long considered the weakest color in Commander, I know I would rather look at the bright side as far as new cards are concerned. With that, here are three notable cards that can give white decks an edge in your next game of Commander.

Keeper of the Accord was spoiled very early on in the previews for the new set, alongside a promise that white would get the tools it needs to compete in Commander. Keeper of the Accord does this by keeping you from falling too far behind your opponents, both in terms board presence and mana ramp.

It's notable, however, that while Keeper of the Accord offers incredible value, you'd need to be behind the rest of the pack in order to reap such benefits. This is a theme that white has, historically, been known for. Cards such as Land Tax and Weathered Wayfarer both lessen disadvantages for white players, but the means to actually get ahead of your opponents has generally been restricted to other colors. That said, Keeper of the Accord shows that Wizards is looking at solutions for this disparity.

Promise of Tomorrow is similar to Trove Warden. It can refill your board with creatures whenever you would otherwise have nothing. In this way, it manages to shore up one of white's major weaknesses by helping you recover from board wipes. Cards like Toxic Deluge, Wrath of God, or Blasphemous Act will generally be rendered useless against a well-timed Promise of Tomorrow, and wiping the board yourself can leave you positioned for a game-winning alpha strike.

The last card I'd like to discuss here is Akroma's Will. Every Commander deck needs a finisher, a spell that can turn a stalemale into victory. Akroma's Will fills this role for any mono-white deck, but it also provides potential defensive power as well. In Commander, it's almost assured you'll have your commander on the battlefield at some point, especially when the game is drawing to a close. Attaining both modes on Akroma's Will won't be hard to do. However, I can definitely see either mode getting a lot of mileage in cases when that isn't feasible.

Eventually, I would love to see more support for mono-white decks in Commander, because three standout cards doesn't feel like enough. Still, this is a fantastic step for Wizards of the Coast to take, and perhaps reason enough to consider building a mono-white deck in this format.