Today marks the first day that Konami 'may' revisit the Forbidden & Limited List, and we're all holding our breath with a mix of fear and hope to see the changes. You may be waiting to see if a Crystron Halqifibrax card is Forbidden, but the big question is which decks will end up on top once the banlist update's live.

This week, Leon has that question completely covered with his insight on the decks that are safe from banning... and are powerful enough to keep you in the X-0 bracket. It's time to set aside Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL and Magical Meltdown! If you want to see which decks you should be sleeving up to stay safe from the banlist, check out the video.

There have only been a handful of sanctioned tournaments over the last few months, so Konami may hold off on making any big restrictions like they did in June. But that doesn't mean we can't hope to move past Crystron Halqifibrax! A few of the themes that Leon discussed have seen recent Structure Deck releases and they're the perfect starting place if you want to give these strategies a shot. Personally, I'll be sleeving up an Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! and keeping my hopes high until the the new list is revealed.