It's been over a year since Covid-19 shut down Magic events as we knew them. No more Mythic Championships, Magicfests, or SCG events… but more importantly, no more airport AMAs on Twitter.

While this greatly impacted Magic players from all walks of life, people adapted. Arena grew in popularity and paper Commander streams began to grow in number. Suddenly Magic was accessible to everyone again. All you needed was a computer and a webcam.

However, things are changing again! People are getting vaccinated, and there's a hum in the air that Magic events will resume in 2022. Due to Magic's rise in popularity over the pandemic, it can be safe to assume that waves of new individuals will flock to events to play and meet new people. Whether you're one of these newer players or a seasoned Magic event goer, you might not be sure what to take to events now. Your decks are definitely a given, but what else? I thought I'd peel the curtain back and show you what some of your favorite Magic players and personalities take with them to events!

Chase "ManaCurves" Carroll

Magic streamer and writer (@ManaCurves)

I want to start out with one of Magic's biggest weirdos: me. I've been to a handful of events and have carried various bags (some waaay too big and some way too small). Thankfully, I found my stride when it comes to packing for the event floor.

I am normally a bit of an overpacker, however, I have learned to pack a bit lighter. As a Commander player I love to have a wide variety of decks to play and choose from, though I only pack around two or three. Too many decks weigh the bag down and hurt my back. I like to include a mini binder with trades and cards I'm okay to sell because that's half the fun of playing a trading card game! I also pack along a mask, hand sanitizer, a playmat, InfiniTokens, a bag of dice, a sharpie, sleeves for a possible draft, and a notepad (just in case I need to keep life totals the old fashioned way).

As someone who used to hate sitting at the wall while my phone charges, I also like to include a fully charged portable battery and a chord for my phone. Lastly, I like to pack some water and ibuprofen just in case the sounds prove to be a bit too loud for me and I end up getting a headache.

Logan "Seraph Six" Isch

IT professional and community admin (@seraph_six)

Logan: "I invested heavily in the Quiver Time brand carrying cases. I own three different Quivers and two Bolts. Each Quiver allows me to carry five decks: one in an product-hover id="150933" and four more in product-hover id="150379". This gives me the ability to take a variety of decks with me with ease and style!"

"In one of the Bolts, I carry my dice, box of tokens, InfiniTokens with markers, and my Bolas Box full of DFCs and planeswalkers. The Bolt can easily be set up next to my playmat as an easy-access game station. My backpack has water, meds, bandaids, laptop, wet wipes, phone chargers, Kindle, etc. I over-prepare."


Magic streamer and writer (@ellieoftheveil)

Ellie: "So, I try and come prepared for everything when I go to events. Since I have a cube now, I'll always have that with me. And then I'll bring somewhere between three and four Commander decks of a variety of power levels. The rest of my bag of holding will include things like dice, playmats, extra pens but NEVER under any circumstance do I bring my own paper. It's much more fun to 'borrow' from someone else."

Sheldon Menery

Founding member, Commander Rules Committee (@SheldonMenery)

Sheldon: "I keep what I pack for an event to a minimum. I'm not as young as I used to be, so carrying extraneous stuff is off the table. I start with my trusty, super-old and weather-worn UltraPro carrying case. I pack it full of Commander decks: a few signature ones (always to include You Did This to Yourself) and a few janky ones. I then add tokens (the SCG ones of myself are nicely flexible), my favorite card to give away (Equal Treatment), and several Sharpies of different colors for signing stuff. Cram in my dice bag, and we're done."

Andrea Mengucci

Professional Magic player (@Mengu09)

Andrea: "I usually bring A LOT of decks, some clothes based on the season and some empty space because I want to bring home boosters that I get at the prize wall during side events!!!"

Jessica Leonard

Illustrator/graphic artist (@InklinCustoms)

Jess: "I pack to be ready for almost anything at events. I have all my drawing supplies with me to make a token at any moment. I have a few edh [decks] with different power levels for a fun time. Lastly, I had to be prepared for those long days with water bottle, snacks, Ibuprofen, and tums on hand at all times so everyone feels their best."

* * *

I think we've learned a thing or two. Always pack light, make sure you have a pen and some dice, and definitely leave room for some fun things you'll eventually buy at the event.

It's not definite when Magic events will officially return, however, the excitement is pretty hard to contain. People who are vaccinated are slowly beginning to travel again, and the possibility of playing at your LGS is almost fully realized. The world is opening back up again and soon the real Magic will definitely be the Gathering. I cannot wait to start going to events again to meet new people, play with friends, and have fun.

See you there!