The Master Rule 4 ruleset changed everything in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, and now, with the VRAINS era seemingly winding down players are starting to wonder what the next generation of dueling might have in store. Last time around we saw the introduction of Link Summoning and Link Monsters, the Extra Monster Zones, the Cyberse-type and the removal of exclusive Pendulum Zones.

What might we see out of a new Master Rule 5? With Duel Links and Speed Dueling taking Yu-Gi-Oh! in new directions, plus constant innovation in the core TCG and unexplored niches in the tv series there are lots of possibilities. Doug breaks down the biggest in today's featured video, and talks about which ones he believes have a chance of happening, and which ones look more like a pipe dream.

Do you think we'll see a bigger Extra Deck any time soon? Do you want spell cards with Link Arrows? Let us know, down in the comments.