TCGplayer Infinite is the end result of a year's worth of blood, sweat, and tears from a dedicated, talented team of engineers, designers, and writers. I'm talking about it because I am its Product Owner, which is really just another way of saying "person who wants things" (if I was late replying to one of your emails this past year, now you know why). In this case, the thing that I wanted was "the best trading card game website ever." Thankfully I have an unrealistically talented team to drag me kicking and screaming across the finish line. Amanda, Charles, Ben, and Jay—I love you dummies more than you'll ever know.

The reason to build a content platform where one already exists is fairly obvious if you've visited our MTG or YGO content sites. Getting to tell people that I edited them for a living was a fun demonstration of the universal reaction of pity. At first, their brow would furrow, and I'd get a look of disbelief. In the very next instant, a dawn of realization, followed quickly by a wide smile. This happened every time. "Oh, that's so great!" they'd say. "Good for you! That's a cool job. I love Seth Manfield's articles." Then a pause. Then:

"So… when are you redesigning the site?"

Today's the day!

The function of today's brief but hopefully informative discussion centers around getting its reader some degree closer to understanding What the Hell Am I Looking At. There's a lot going on. I don't mind walking you through it.

First of all—I'm sure a good portion of you are looking at this like "wait, I thought TCGplayer Infinite was the subscription thing." We still have that! Our team built that too and it's dope. We're still calling them Infinite subscriptions, but that's its own thing. How about we promise to think up a new name for them when we find the time?

By now you probably noticed all of the blocks of content. More astute readers might have noticed that there are articles for both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: the Gathering. That's by design—the homepage for TCGplayer Infinite will be curated, and I'm the guy doing it.

I believe that games—trading card games in particular—are the backbone of many types of compelling narratives, and that none of those narratives are unique to a given game. The same stories have been told in Magic and in Yu-Gi-Oh!—their only differences are the game pieces those narratives are woven around and through. So I'll be taking the best of the best that we publish every day and sticking it front and center on the homepage. The other stuff is more self-explanatory. We've got decks, we've got card prices, we've got articles, we've got videos, and on and on and on.

TCGplayer Infinite will be a constant work in progress and we'd love your feedback on it. If you email it'll go straight to my inbox, and unless your suggestion sucks, it'll go straight into the team's work backlog. It might even show up on the website!

So drop me a line. It can be anything—articles you want to see, features you want the site to have, another addition to a long-winded email thread defining what Yacht Rock is—I want to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. I'm really excited. I hope you are too.