White-Black Vampires has come a long way since I played it at Pro Tour Ixalan. The upgrades afforded by Rivals of Ixalan have really given the deck a lot more room to maneuver and the overall card quality is considerably higher. Instead of trying to win with Crested Sunmare, now we have Champion of Dusk. We also gained multiple anthem effects in the form of Legion Lieutenant and Radiant Destiny, allowing the deck to go wide much more reliably. And we also got a few key sideboard cards to improve some of our tougher matchups.

Here is the list I'll be playing in the videos today:

Fulgence has been tuning the list to success online lately and I like where the deck is at. In addition to being able to go wide with tokens, refill our hand with Champion of Dusk and anthem up our team with Legion's Lieutenant, Radiant Destiny and Shefet Dunes, the deck also has a very powerful sideboard that allows it to pivot in multiple different directions.

Against aggressive creature decks it has access to three copies of Fatal Push, which also conveniently answers cards like Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and Kari Zev, Skyship Captain. It also has Authority of Consuls against Red decks to gain extra life and to cause their haste creatures to enter the battlefield tapped. Against the control decks it gets three copies of Duress to preemptively take their Sweltering Suns, Fumigate, or whatever other wrath effect they might have. It also gets Scrapheap Scrounger as a difficult-to-answer threat against slow decks, and Arguel's Blood Fast as a windmill-slam card draw engine in the slow matchups. Duress also doubles as effective disruption against the God-Pharaoh's Gift matchup. Against the midrange matchups that try to win with The Scarab God, Glorybringer or some other big midgame threat, the deck boards in two copies of Profane Procession as the natural Thwart to that strategy.

Overall, I like where this deck is at. I might try to work Adanto Vanguard back into the deck and perhaps one or two copies of The Immortal Sun in the 75, but otherwise I'm not sure I would change anything in the list.

Craig Wescoe