This is a deck that is still going strong ever since it was first popularized in Guilds of Ravnica. This is the best token-go-wide strategy in the format. The fewer sweepers and Goblin Chainwhirlers there are, the better making a ton of 1/1 tokens becomes. I have been incredibly impressed with Emmara, Soul of the Accord in the deck, and could even see an argument for playing the fourth copy. Being able to snowball an early token maker is how the deck does its thing.

Another two drop that is a new addition here is Tithe Taker. White-Green Tokens does in some ways resemble the traditional White Aggro decks that don't play green. Tithe Taker often dies and then the afterlife is quite relevant. In other matchups the opponent needing to spend an additional mana to cast spells on your turn is a big deal. This is the list I have been playing, and it really is pretty straightforward:

The games we showcased were actually very representative of how the deck typically plays out. We are favored against other white creature decks because of cards like March of the Multitudes that allow you to go over the top of the opponent. Against the Esper Midrange deck with sweepers, discard, and other annoying creatures, you're going to have a tough matchup. The Mono-Blue matchup is close, and even though we lost that one it could have gone either way.

This deck also tends to be ahead of most brews. If you expect an open metagame with lots of different decks the White-Green Tokens deck can be extremely punishing. Unbreakable Formation is another new addition that provides additional redundancy in terms of pump effects. It also provides some Kaya's Wrath protection which is really nice when playing against Esper Control. I know multiple players have had success taking Selesnya Tokens to the top of the MTG Arena ladder.

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Seth Manfield