Some people are fans of leaks. But many, many more people are not fans of leaks. This article is for the latter group.

What you think you're doing:

We're liberating information, man! He's hacking the Gibson! HACK THE PLANET.

What you really are doing:

Congratulations, idiot. You ruined Christmas.

Your Problem: Leaks. (Not leeks.)

People are jacking information from Wizards of the Coast and posting it all over the internet. The latest leaks of Commander Legends were on eBay. You can't even sell your old Limp Bizkit CD without seeing Magic leaks. It's ridiculous.

The problem with sharing leaks are multiplicative; if the cards don't appear to be "good," you're going to hurt sales, which ultimately hurts Magic. People want to be surprised, so you're essentially telling them Santa isn't real and giving them a lump of coal. And dozens of people are given card reveals, and you stole that from them. People wait for years to have these types of reveals, and you swooped in like some kind of jackass vulture and jacked their joy. Wow. You're so cool! Everyone is cheering your name!

Why Do People Leak:

First and foremost, because they suck. This isn't hyperbole. If you're given advanced knowledge of cards that are going to be printed and you share that information with other people that you know are going to take that information and do seedy things with it, you're not just a part of the problem: you're the whole damn issue.

Wizards of the Coast gives out information to publishers and other parties so they can begin to create press for them. You may have heard of the "Godbooks" which show off new mechanics, card arts, abilities, and well, are basically the entire new set. Thiese are meant to build hype and get people ready to buy packs and boxes. A few years ago some salacious things were done with a Godbook and it broke the trust between Wizards and certain parties that will go nameless *cough* and it hurt the release of the next set because everyone had prior information.

But why do people leak?

Because they feel insignificant. Without a doubt, people that share leaks do so to feel important. People want to feel like they mean something in the grand scheme of things. Ruining an entire set—let alone a Commander set which is undoubtedly going to be one of, if not the, most hyped sets in Magic history—means you get to be the shining star for a few days. Internet fame means you're important, right! Impressing a large group of people you can't see by being some bastardized version of Robin Hood will make you important!

Just kidding. You're not.

How This Impacts Content Creators

Hi! I'm a content creator! I sit at a computer once a week and spend a few hours writing articles for Tee Cee Gee Playa Dot Com. They pay me. My job is to get you excited to play Magic—specifically Commander, and to write articles like this that piss off the nerds. So that you can go, "Wow, that Gisa and Geralf deck looks sweet I wanna play that." and have fun with your friends. And so TCGplayer can add another coin to the money pool their CEO swims in, Scrooge McDuck-style. Everyone wins.

Now imagine you're me and you have a card that WoTC has chosen you to write about or reveal through Twitter or your stream. You're given this info way in advance so you can properly hype this bad boy up. You've waited your entire career for this. I mean, I'll never get one because WotC hates me, but I have friends who do, and I love seeing them happy! This is the leadup to everything we do, and all the content we create for you, the reader and consumer, in order to gain a following large enough for Wizards to hand us the keys to dad's car.

And then…

And then some snail of a person posts pictures of packs they illegally got a hold of with the contents on full display. The card you have worked your entire career for was just plastered on the front page of a Magic Reddit page. All your hard work means nothing. All the preparation you've put in to showcasing it—the articles, the Youtube videos, the streaming—it was ruined.

Eventually to stop this, Wizards decides to stop giving out preview cards to people because they can't risk the huge loss of income if cards are leaked in advance of when they're supposed to be shown to an audience. How cool! Now everyone that spent years working toward this gets screwed over. Was it worth it to get a few upvotes? Was it worth it to ruin something for hundreds of thousands of fans? If you say "yes," you suck.

What's New That Sucks

Commander Legends is going to be one of the biggest drops in Magic history. Commander is the biggest format by a wide margin, and having an entire set to showcase it is going to be huge. That is, until the leakers dipped it in a fryalator and served it up like some overdone, dried-out Arby's roast beef.

These are the same people that stuck their heads out the car window at a Barnes and Nobles during the Harry Potter craze and yelled "Snape killed Dumbledore."

What's Old That Sucks

Ruining sets is a pastime shared by the worst (period) Magic (period) crowd (period) in all of the game. You're the kind of sickos that laugh at racist memes on freemagic because you're too stupid to come up with real comedy material (such as what you are reading. Haha I'm so funny.) And these people are as old as Magic itself. No one wants to be surprised anymore and feel that joy of opening a pack and going "what the hell does this do?" No. They want to make sure that if they can't have fun, you can't either. They're about as corrupt as they come. Without a doubt our hobby would be better off without you leakers.

What Has Always Sucked

The fact that I even had to write this article is what sucks the most. Do you think I like this? I planned on writing about a freaking Commander deck this week, but after these leaks I sat there in awe of the audacity and decided this is what we were doing instead. I hate this. I like making fun of stupid things in Magic, not stupid people in Magic. If this article applies to you, please reach out to me on Twitter @DynamoNestico and apologize while selling me your collection so I can donate the proceeds of it to the content creators around the world you just screwed over.

What Might Not Suck

Me for writing this. You for reading it. Do me a favor: don't participate in leaks.