The only way to play in the YGO Series $10k Championship was to gather enough TCGplayer MaxPoints to qualify! That meant a refined field of serious competitors only. So what does a ten thousand dollar 66-player tourney look like? Here's a breakdown of all 66 decks being played in this weekend's Championship!

Shaddolls: 26
Burning Abyss: 19
Satellarknights: 4
Geargia: 3
Bujin: 2
Traptrix Gadgets: 2
60-Card Control: 1
Evilswarm: 1
Fire Fist: 1
Plant Synchro: 1
Yang Zing: 1
Evols: 1
Tribute Stun: 1
Frogs: 1
Batteryman: 1
Mythic Rulers: 1

Shaddolls and Burning Abyss are – unsurprisingly – the top picks for this tournament, and they're already dominating the standings. These decks have everything going for them: strong opening plays, solid defensive options, and great Extra Deck monsters. Shaddolls have access to two powerful Fusion Monsters that present a number of problems to a number of themes. El Shaddoll Construct can be impossible to attack over without some form of effect negation, and the same can be said for El Shaddoll Winda. Even when they're destroyed, they'll recycle the very card that facilitates their Summon: Shaddoll Fusion.

Burning Abyss is obscenely consistent, and its ability to grind out card advantage lets it outpace most strategies. It's a tough match-up due to its heavy use of highly-disruptive discard traps like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Karma Cut. Quick access to tribute fodder means that Vanity's Fiend, Majesty's Fiend, Caius the Shadow Monarch, and Raiza the Storm Monarch can be easily Summoned. The Malebranche line-up allows players to circumvent the cost of powerful traps, which gives them a serious advantage over their opponent.

Satellarknights, however, aren't nearly as well-represented. The deck's popularity has declined drastically since its debut in August. Satellarknight Deneb's powerful search effect is easily matched by Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss. That said, Stellarnova Alpha is incredible, and with three copies of Reinforcement of the Army Satellarknight Deneb is almost always accessible on the first turn. It's a solid deck, but it'll take a skilled pilot with innovative tech picks to make Day 2 with it.

Geargia also have a small presence here following the recent release of the Geargia Rampage Structure Deck. The deck has some solid match-ups this format, but it's still an uphill battle against the Duelist Alliance themes. Geargiauger adds a great deal of first turn consistency for Geargia, and also reduces the deck's reliance on Geargiarmor. Geargia can still put a multiple Gear Gigant X on the field without Geargiagear, and Geargiauger has arguably more synergy with the rest of the theme.


Speaking of Machine themes, two surprisingly similar Traptrix Gadget builds have entered the competition. The combination of Level 4 Earth monsters that grant +1's upon Summon allows this strategy to gain card advantage slowly over time. These decks are high on traps and other Main Deck picks that shut their opponent out of the game, and let sheer redundancy overwhelm their opponents.

Bugin has a hard time competing against easily-recycled Shaddoll Fusions, but two players decided to enter the event with Bujins regardless. Frogs, Yang Zing, and Plant Synchro have a lot of difficulty competing due to Vanity's Emptiness seeing so much play. Once again: players are still trying to break the format.

Rogue strategies like Plant Synchro, Gadgets, and Frogs could end up surprising everyone here. We'll see if these players can beat the odds and make the top cut amongst a field of Shaddoll and Burning Abyss.