Day two has begun! Here's a breakdown of the decks being played in the Top 32 at the end of the first nine Swiss Rounds, with two more rounds to go before the Top 16:

Shaddolls: 17
Burning Abyss: 10
Satellarknights: 2
Yang Zing: 1
60-Card Control: 1
Tribute Stun: 1

Shaddolls remain the most-represented deck in Day 2, and there's an even larger disparity between it and Burning Abyss. The one-deck difference yesterday has expanded, and Shaddolls now lead by seven decks. That said, this is still anybody's tournament…provided they're playing either of the Big 2. A pair of Satellarknight players are still in the running, along with three relatively rogue strategies. These players will have a tough uphill battle to make the Top 16!