Some of the greatest cards from Yu-Gi-Oh's past landed on the F&L List, but years later many of them migrated off entirely. The reasons can vary: maybe the card got an errata, or the cards that made it broken were Forbidden instead; perhaps player priorities changed over time, or maybe the card in question just got powercrept and isn't that good anymore.

Whatever the cause, a lot of cards that used to be public enemy number one are no longer a concern. In fact, some of them are such a non-factor that you may have forgotten about them entirely. In today's video, Doug takes a trip down memory lane to discuss some of the game's former powerhouses, all of which are back at 3-per-deck.

Some of these cards were printed in really cool rarities that still make them popular with collectors. But we may be waiting a long time before they're back in tournaments, if they ever make it.